This Blog Is Based On Sociobiology & Biochemistry, Not Evo Psychology

There’s no such thing as psychology, a fake science rendered useless with bullshit statistics,  filled with fake theories designed to criminalise all forms of normal behaviour  Psychology is basically designed to terrorise the population with fake illnesses & sell toxic pills,which cause massive amounts of mental damage Just like modern medicine, psychology is designed to…

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Guys This Is Why Women Aren’t Attracted To Good Honest Working Men, But Still Have Crazy Monkey Sex With Criminals & Badboy Nitwits!

Most men today still use physical aggression to attract women, their language & dress is all about using physical aggression This is why women aren’t attracted to most men The environment required to make physical aggression attractive to women, is no longer there The variables necessary to make men physically aggressive, in order to be…

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Expert social intelligence: The Importance of Aggression & Anger in Pickup & Talking to Women

Aggression is relative to physical appearance The greater your aggression, the more IOI’s indicator of interest you get To ensure success, project huge amounts of aggression The less physically aggressive, ie you’re body isnt physically intimidating, the more aggressive & dominant presence required to project, to make up for the physical aggression physically Women arent…

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