You Can Create Any Vitamin Known To Man If You Know Its Resonance Frequency

Theres no such thing as vitamins or minerals, theyre really resonant frequencies which create effects in your body

The mineral makeup of any vitamin creates millions of frequencies which react to your biology, if you know the correct resonant frequency you can literally create any vitamin or mineral you want

Want a highly advanced vitamin c stronger & more powerful then anything on the market?

Find out it’s resonant frequency & create a vitamin c powered by resonant frequencies

Imagine super human beings, powered by super powered resonant frequencies of vitamin c or d, or antioxidants vitamin e

Super charged human beings, their muscles bulging with the power of resonant frequencies & super strength

We operate on frequencies in order to interface with reality,  with the sun in the centre of the universe sending out the master frequency decoding & activating the trillions of lines of code in your genetic structures

It is this master frequency generated by a power source, so powerful it can power entire universe’s, we are also powered by

We just need the right array of frequencies to supercharge the human body

This is why theres no such thing as disease or sickness, its all a scam

Pills & medication seem to work, because they mimic the resonant frequencies, designed to supercharge our system

Pills are merely mimic resonators

This is WHY plants & meat seem to be hundreds of times more powerful then the synthetic crap manufactured by the corrupt corporation

Plants & meat create highly complex resonance frequencies, which interface accurately with the frequency generated by the sun in the centre of the universe

Interfacing with this frequency is the key to creating super charged humans

This frequency is really an intersection between dimensional space, the centre of the universe is where all of reality ends, & bridges into the 4th & 5th dimensions

The sun in the centre of the universe is the result of 100’s of different realities, with their own physics, this sun is powered by the physics of hundreds of different realities

This is why we have an imagination, we interface with the correct frequencies which allow us to tap into the 100’s of realities which power the sun in the centre of our universe

By supercharging these frequencies we can create human beings which defy the laws of physics, creating alternate reality human beings which operate on the physics of other realities

Want to create a super human being who walks through walls & melts steel, with unimaginable super strength? Mimic the frequency of the alternate reality which allows that person to exist

We just have to master the frequencies which allow them to exist in our  reality

Or as I stated before we just have to create frequencies of vitamin c or vitamin d, & super charge them, creating super charged human beings with infinite power & technology & speed

You could supercharge a penis, control its blood flow & create an erection for days, multiple orgasms,

This is what we don’t have, a race of super powered human beings created based on true biology & true none fake sciences, instead we have a fake highly corrupt hospital & medicine profiting on the disease & death of millions

We have the power to create super charged human beings, you dont need millions just the right frequencies, research vitamins & the frequency effects of rife machines


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