The Real History Of Feminism: Third Wave Feminism Wasnt Created By Birth Control, It Was Created By Erin Pezzini & Her Creation Of Domestic Shelters

Thirdwave feminism is strictly speaking the rise of radical homosexual lesbians using NGO’s or think tank organisations to create a highly dangerous continous attack on society for profit

It was the creation of the NGO to attack various innocent parts of society for profit, ie men

Basically the bigger the group being attacked by the NGO, the greater the funds they recieve

Radical homosexual lesbians, attacking all men as a group, gives them literally an unlimited access to funds & charities

Charities also known as non-profit organisations, are the latest vehicles used to attack working class men

It all revolves around reframing & redefining basic terms used by society, all you have to do is label the group you want to profit off, like a leech & parasite,

As hate, bigoted, discrimination, release press releases  condemning the group in question, & create fake scientific studies to support your fake press release …

In short demonise 50% of the population by creating hysteria, instead of using facts or the truth …

Using NGO’s & charities to profit from generated hysteria, using completely fake statistics & facts

In short using NGO’s to attack society, from generated hysteria

We saw the first case of generated hysteria, in the civil rights movement of blacks & africans, as they demonised, attacked, white people & white men, for trying to preserve their white culture & white traditionalism

This continues even today, white people are called racists just for wanting a white culture, in a white country …

Unfortunately feminists ran out of ways of creating crusades or generating hysteria, to raise funds or be politically relevant …

This is where Erin Pezzini came in …

The death of feminism & their loss of political power was almost complete, in the 1980’s men still spoke their minds & hosted talk shows attacking male hating feminists & asserted their masculinity openly on tv shows

Today men are attacked & called subhuman sexual barbarians, just for being a man …

This was caused & enabled by domestic shelters …

Strictly speaking 3rd wave feminism was caused by Erin Pezzini, & her creation of domestic shelters, which gave rise to the creation of NGO’s in order to create charity organisations, or think tanks to create a continous attack on society for profit

Feminism was essentially dead by the time Erin Pezzini came on the scene

What we’re seeing today is 3rd wave feminist NGO’s attacking large portions of society based on popular opinion

Basically thanks to Erin Pezzini, feminists figured out a way to create a toolset to create NGO’s as a continous attack on society for profit

4th wave feminism will be driven by a hatred of science, as women try to change the sciences to accomodate them, ie make it easier for womens less logical, emotional states

A massive lowering of standards in the sciences, will be a disaster for society

Imagine NGO’s & charities attacking the hard sciences & engineering, in the same way they attack manufacturing & industrial industries, for refusing to hire under qualified women & turning them into day care centres for women

Women’ve already began an attack on the hard sciences & engineering, lowering the entry requirements until the classes become literally as useless as womens studies or social sciences

4th wave feminism will be driven by a hatred of science

This will be the final nail in western civilisation, as men are literally forced out of most corporations & jobs, because of radical feminists & forced to become serfs or slaves to women, funded & paid for by the goverment, or leave their countries of birth

Be a serf, or a slave to women & NGO’s & none-profit organisitions, dedicated to leeching & parasiting millions off you as a man …

Most men today, are forced out of most government jobs, as theyre literally filled with 80% of women …

The Marriage Strike v2.0, based on the parasite of women as an institution …


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