Comment Of The Day: The Dangers Of The Friendzone To Society – The Friendzone Prevents Non-violent Men from Reproducing

A brilliant comment on a post yet again trying to blame men for women leading them on with the fake promise of sex, while forcing the guy to part with hard earned cash & waste copious amounts of time on her fake manipulative behaviour

Also another fascinating part of the comment is the effect of a matriarchial society prevents non-violent men from reproducing, creating countries like Afghanistan & Africa, riddled with thugs & violent tribes

The friendzone, for those wondering, is basically a typical marriage with all the frills, with no responsibility for the damage she causes to the guy, all the while leading him on to spend copious amounts of cash on her

A form of gold digging & emotional blackmail all women inflict on most beta orbiters on a daily basis …

Ironically this is the same shit, most married women inflict on their husbands on a daily basis …

Because a monogamous marriage where a man’s enslaved to the same woman for the rest of his life, is so enjoyable


“Women LOVE violent men.

If MOST women wanted kind, non-violent men, then that’s what MOST men would become – OVERNIGHT.

The ‘friendzone’ is just another expression of women’s hatred of decent, kind, caring men. I would say that at least 80%, and probably 90%, of the attractive women I see with men, are with violent, miserable scumbags.

Women are terrified of intimacy, contrary to what you’ve been told all your life, and this is why they are terrified of a loving relationship.

To most women, ‘love’ means ‘he doesn’t love me, so I keep having to get him to love me’. That is a sick, masochistic vision of what ‘love’ means.

To put it even more bluntly: MOST women have got something deeply and disturbingly wrong with them. Otherwise the world wouldn’t be full of endless wars, crime, and the murder of 80 BILLION animals every year.

WOMEN are dating and marrying the millions of men who torture and kill animals every day – are those women looking for love? Of course not.

In ONE generation, women can genocide out of existence ALL of the kind and caring men in their society – just look at Afghanistan, for example. How do you think it came about that an entire country’s women are not allowed to leave the house without a man? Are all those men in Afghanistan really nice, caring men? Of course not – the nice, caring men were GENOCIDED out of existence by the stupid women who lived when the nice, caring men were still alive.”


Another great comment sums up why women leading on men is so harmful


“So according to the author, (who seems like a white-knight feminazi sympathizer) men are obligated to stay friends with women they have genuine feelings for and stay in a creepy, awkward, 1-sided friendship while their bottled-up emotions and feelings tear them apart from the inside out.

It’s the nice thing to do, right? He also thinks that men who use the term “friend zone” to simply describe the situation should have their dicks cut off. ”




2 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: The Dangers Of The Friendzone To Society – The Friendzone Prevents Non-violent Men from Reproducing

  1. One thing to realize-when society is sucessfully
    “dumbed down,” the Jew can then move in and assume
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    base, animalistic urges and be CONTROLLED like peanuts
    tossed at a monkey.

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