The Marriage Strike Hitting Women Hard, Why Men Arent Dating Women

Marriage strikes, grass eaters, happen whenever they become infected with feminism, they turn into feminist infected women, theyre whole biology changes, turning basically too masculine for most men

This causes women to give off the wrong signals, turning off most men in general

Also dating is a serious waste of time for men, if there’s no marriage involved

Wasting time on a vagina who you’re going to dump anyway, is a serious waste of time

Also most men know, most of these women are going to screw around behind their backs anyway …

The sex positivism & lack of fidelity of women turns off most men, for LTR’s

Basically men date for LTR’s, they dont date for sex, they hookup for sex

With no incentives for long-term marriage, men on the whole dont need women

Also contrary to popular opinion, sex isnt a drive, its an addiction

What most women dont understand

Most men are able to satisfy themselves from porn, just as easily as a real woman

Men are visual & they dont need anywhere near the emotional or physical reinforcement, or drama a woman needs to get off

Because sex isnt exactly a drive for men, theyre able to seperate the need to procreate, & the need for sex, theyre able to easily satisfy themselves with porn

Yes, men have a huge drive to pro-create, a sex drive & biological imperative to reproduce, but theyre able to seperate the two, which is why most men dont get baby rabies …

Anyway, women are too masculine & the lack of any incentives to date women, ie no marriage, which is causing the huge marriage strike

The screwing around of most most women, behind mens backs, & the lack of any real incentives for men to create a LTR, exasperates the huge marriage strike in effect

Women will have to make huge changes by being alot more feminine & keep their partner count down, while learning to show men they can bring something to the table

Women are literally having to learn how to pick up men, a huge shift from rejecting hundreds of good decent men …

For the first time in history, Men are rejecting modern women … women have to learn how to respect & honour their men & control their irrational behaviour, & their hysterics if they want to beat the marriage strike

Its not just a case of picking up men, its about reversing the damage of feminism & learning how to be a responsible, stable in control of your emotions, woman

Women live in interesting times, they should be leaping at the chance to alter the flaws & bitchiness in their personalities & make themselves more stable & pleasant for men


47 thoughts on “The Marriage Strike Hitting Women Hard, Why Men Arent Dating Women

  1. “Women live in interesting times, they should be leaping at the chance to alter the flaws & bitchiness in their personalities & make themselves more stable & pleasant for men”

    Great article * insight. While you are correct. I dont think it is going to happen. For too long people (women) have adapted “outward” changes. Outward changes are relatively easy compared to “inward” changes – inward changes require real acknowledgement and discipline to change. Real inward changes require a massive “metanoia” that are manifested in repentance and actions & words.
    This is the literally the death of of the beloved “rationalization hamster”.
    I dont think this will occur.
    Most Western women have had sex at a early age as well as multiple partners. The consequences of this are gross precociousness, permanent adolescence, and early world-weariness. It is simply to great to overcome.

    • If you read my article on the death destruction of the bible, I approach metanoia from a completely different angle

      If people approach inward change from a point of strength, the effect is alot more powerful then mere acknowledgement & transgression

      The problem with women isnt a matter of acknowledgement of transgression, women are aware

      Women suffer from a lack of moral fortitude

      When you acknowledge the fortitude & authority & strength to stop sinning, it gives you huge amounts of strength & moral authority to draw from

      This is what women dont have, women need the moral authority & resolve & strength to stop sinning

      Acknowledgement of sin, is only the entry point

      Acknowledgement of sin doesnt give you moral fortitude

      Women crave authority to draw from to stop sinning

      Women crave authority & strength to stop sinning

      • I just read death destruction of the bible and Christian feminism has crippled the gospel (started with the feral hypergamous Amy Semple McPherson). This reoccurring spirit of Semiramis / Jezebel is a tour de force spiritually speaking ). It had Elijah running scared and John the Baptist beheaded.
        I mentioned “acknowledgment ” since getting a woman to acknowledge the hamster is a feat within itself (as you noted – is not repentance nor does it give moral fortitude). Only when there is repentance can moral fortitude be given – this is how metanoias work in my experience.

        • Yes, repentance is a start, or an entry point for moral fortitude

          The problem with christians is that they try & say repentance is moral fortitude, when its just the entry point to moral fortitude

          This is a huge shortcoming of christianity, & a major result of the feminism of christianity, women really dont want fortitude or strength or authority discussed

          Women need to stop preferring the safety of comfort

      • “Women suffer from a lack of moral fortitude” — TOO RIGHT about this!!
        Modern Western women also suffer from a complete lack of gratitude and appreciation for what they DO have. All that they concentrate on is what they don’t/can’t have (but think that they ‘deserve’) — IOW, ‘covet’.

  2. What most men don’t realize is that the end of the patriarchy is good for them. Now, women can do it all on their own. They can go to school, go to work, raise their own babies, fight wars, do their own housework and mow their own lawns – all with minimal or no support of men (i.e., me). Thankfully, my ‘mistakes’ were aborted, so I’m 100% behind women’s abortion rights.

    I have a high paying job, great education, own my own home and have zero responsibilities to anyone except myself. Feminism gave me all that. In days past, because of patriarchal societal beliefs, I would have had no choice but to become a father in support of a family (living with constant shaming would be the alternative in those days). That doesn’t sound like a great life to me at all. Now, thankfully, there’s no pressure to become a husband or father. I don’t even have to worry about marriage with regard to sex. Guys – it doesn’t get any better than this! Think about it!

    I wouldn’t exactly call myself a feminist, but come on! If women want all that BS for themselves, let them have it! They’re right with regard to ending the patriarchy. It not only means freedom from oppression for them – it also means freedom from oppression for us dudes. Think! Think! Think!

    As a man, I’m grateful for feminism. You’ve made my life painfully simple. Thank you feminists! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Brilliant comment

      A patriarchy which oppresses men, is no patriarchy, if it benefits women & children only

      Contrary to belief women were never oppressed, they might’ve been labelled property of men in some parts of the world , but even in most primitive tribes, women have always had more privilege & rights then most men

      Men have always marched off to war, to protect women & children

      You dont get more privileged then that

      Even with the advent of gunpowder & ballistics, women still refuse to goto war to protect men …

      • Yeah! And then they come back with that ‘peter pan’, ‘man up’, ‘where’s them goooood men’ guff! I see how the world works. I’m not naïve. I see all the dead bodies strewn about the relationship minefield. I’m not getting into the relationship meat grinder for anyone. My philosophy is simple: Avoid any and all relationships with women (outside of easy sex), give unto myself, and let the other’s dig their own graves. You know what they say – give an idiot enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and reap the rewards of other’s self-flagellation.

        • Great advice

          Tom Leykis has some great advice, on how to handle women, his philosophy & your excellent philosophy are probably some of the best ways to handle feminist infected women

          Avoid LTR’s like the plague, they’ll try & get you to impregnate them & rake in the welfare

          Keep rotating the chicks, theyre all carousel riders

          Plus theres the fact, women have std’s out of their backside …

          I like to keep 3 or 4 women in rotation, to ensure they dont get std’s

          Seriously thats what you need to do to avoid std’s, its a bitch

          The days you could walk down the street & pickup a none std infected chick, are over, shits fucked up … lol

          • I know! And welfare is still paid almost entirely by men! You see the latest stories touting “40% of women are now the breadwinners”? Yeah – pull my middle leg and it plays jingle bells! They leave out the part where most of those women are living on poverty level wages, are collecting big bucks in welfare, and/or are the the sole source of income in their ‘household’ (i.e, no male financial support). Breadwinners? Stop with the BS, BEECHES!

            Yeah – those STDs right? They’re just business as usual now days, which is why I always try to remember my raincoat and never eat out! HA!

            Very much enjoy Mr. Leykis’s work. He’s all about enlightening the naive and preventing any further male slaughter. Good man he is.

            • I have nothing against women only trying to open your eyes. In spite of ALL of your achievements, all of your contributions to society, America has fallen behind in education because young men are not allowed to move (they are more active than girls) are not allowed to love science, receive less positive attention from teachers, whereas in Japan… China…in Germany (Even with a female leader who is a REAL woman)…they are ALL ahead of us in education. Let men be men. Education should be sexually segregated and equal. I was in Seminar courses (testing above average and above GATE level) until I hit puberty…I know of male friends who were also in my courses and went through the same changes. Women then dress very provocatively (daisy dukes in winter?) and are treated like effing princesses. I went from being the class tutor to thinking about sex all day in one semester! So most men (besides athletes and some exceptions like imported students of which there are many and I have nothing against) that make it that far into higher level education are on the more feminine side of metro sexual if not gay (my brother is gay and the first to go to college besides having average grades he is a wonderful person majoring in psychology). So women and feminine men are becoming the majority at higher institutions and we are seeing our advancement in the sciences slow to crawls compared to other countries. Look at the caption picture in this informative article! The boy is sitting there not receiving any attention while the girl, who would probably (not ALL women are the same and some do excel at the sciences and love them too) rather paint or read (I have a sister who is receiving tons of tutoring for the sciences and cries because it is confusing to her or she simply has no interest!). Go ahead call me what you want. A “sexist”, “butthurt”, whatever but turn the blind eye to all of this .The economy will end happily ever after when every woman wants to be a princess (but then that would be impossible because they would want to be ABOVE their peers and making that TITLE common would make it worthless to them) or they all want a man over 6’1 (also numerically impossible since only a small percentage are over that height). And your argument that most men only want sex seems true because you ONLY have sex with men who are using you and you KNOW it. The men who are willing to marry do not get much sex and become jaded and eventually just hate you (not that its the right thing to do). To the point where they do the math and estimate your having slept with 50 douchebags and just avoid the situation all together. This actually hurts the chances of “good” women looking for men like them. Yes this was a rant but that does not make it any less true. Please I am itching to hear your reply.
              Good Day!

              • Amazing comment

                You bring up some amazing points, i’ll be addressing all those when i get back

                Your points on women “ONLY have sex with men who are using and you KNOW it.” are highly revealing in how women really behave

                Women dont have the capacity to understand good men, that is a major problem with women today

                They sleep around with so many alpha’s & thugs, they dont have the ability to understand or talk to a normal man

                Women are basically isolated from real hard working men, as most alpha’s are basically thugs who dont contribute to society anywhere near as much as a normal hard working man

                Women really dont know how to talk to real men, that is the problem with women sleeping around with hundreds of alpha’s

                They dont know how to communicate to regular normal hard working men

                Also because women dont work, & they dont do any real hard labour, they dont know how to relate to most men in general

                Women basically exist in a state of delusional extreme privilege, which screws up their ability to relate to most hard working men

    • @Death

      Good comment!……..but,I have to disagree with alot of it.I do understand where you are coming from….and you are correct….but,would you want a bunch of Hillary Clintons running the show?…..That would be the end of the USA as we know it.But,I do understand what you are saying about Femi-Nazism.Women are under the austere illusion that feminism has liberated women?…..No sir!….It has liberated men! Do you think that we as men could get away with “pump & dumps” 50 or 60 years ago?…..No way! Today it is a joke! We don’t have to court them,buy them dinner,be chivalrous…etc…etc…..all we have to do is “screw” them and then move on to the next one.So in reality,Femi-Nazism has allowed us to “use” women as we choose and “dump” the skanks ass … we choose…..L*……and all the wimminz say…”You Go Girl”…..L*….How pathetic the wimminz are!

    • Men don’t have abortion rights only women do. Legal and financial abortions for men will be denied by feminists. Women still have control over you wallet.

  3. I was thinking about Mary who washed the feet of Yahshua. Given her lifestyle, I think she was pretty well financially off. She had used a bottle of nard on the feet of Yahshua and washed them with her hair.
    The bottle of nard itself was worth a years wages and to have hair length that would double as a towel speaks volumes.
    Her metanoia was done with “fruits worthy of repentance” like droping a years wages, humbling herself, and a vocation change that undoubtably resulted in a radical lifestyle change to one materialism / wealth to one of extreme modesty and perhaps poverty.
    Your thoughts on this ?

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  5. @rmax

    Thank you for the invitation to your Blog.I like what I see here. I took the liberty of re-posting my comment from Dalrock’s blog that you commented on.Here it is:

    I agree.But,I think it goes a little bit further than that… least from my perspective.What I am seeing is a “woman strike”.Let me explain.The office tower that I work in…. in Toronto,Ontario,Canada(Int’l real estate and securities investment) there are ALOT of single wimminz. The single men that I am associated with are making high 6 figures,low 7 figure incomes and they want NOTHING to do with wimminz. Last month a Matchmaking business in the office tower had a singles night after work….of which I was invited as well as many friends and associates.105 single women showed up…how many men showed up?….you ready for this?…3….that is correct..THREE! The dating service was astounded and did not know how to explain it.Of course,they blamed it all on the MEN…..What a joke! This is just one example.
    Another example.When we go for drinks after work we will walk into the bar and the bar is filled with single wimminz aged 25 to 50(all from the same area).The wimminz always motion to my friends and I to “sit down and have a drink with us”.Our response..”Thanks,but we have some business to discuss”…and then we go grab our own table AWAY from them.They are never approached and hang out amongst themselves….usually with a bitter scowl on their faces as they do not deal with rejection very well.
    Another example.This 38 year old HOTTIE that I know who works in the same office tower has asked me out 3 times(I am 48) and all 3 times she has gotten the same response….NO! Last week I ran into her and she asked if she could come up to my office and talk to me after work.I said “sure…why not”.She arrived,I made her a drink and then she asked me point blank….”What the hell is wrong with me”? My response…”I give up..what is wrong with you”?….L*. She said “I have been turned down by the last 10 men that I have been interested in.I have given them my phone number and none of them have called me to ask me out……so what the hell is wrong with me”? I was shocked to say the least.In my own mind I was thinking WOW!…if a Hottie like her cannot get a date…the ugly ones are seriously DOOMED! I tried to be nice and explain to her that maybe she is chasing the wrong men and should look for greener pastures.She explained that she wants to get married and have a kid but it looks very bleak for her.She also stated to me that…”If I did not pretend to like a guy on a date I would not get sex once a year…and I would be celibate”….again I said WOW!….as I did not know what to say.I tried to be sympathetic and understanding but,then I decided to give her a dose of brutal honesty combined with a dose of harsh reality.I told her that …”due to femi-nazism,bullshit LTR & divorce laws that men have decided to ‘Go Their Own Way’…which means men are avoiding women as they are not worth the hassle to date…let alone getting into a legal agreement with them where the man could lose his assets by getting royally raped in Family Court”…She seemed to understand this…I think! She then asked about me and a few of my friends that she was interested in.I told her point blank……”we are not interested in dating or a relationship…let alone marriage to get robbed of at least 50% of everything that we have worked for.I myself as well as the others keep a few wimminz on the side for ‘sport sex’…and if that fails there are always CallGirls…..but,under no circumstances do we get INVOLVED with them…do you understand”???…She replied “Yes”. I want to feel sorry her…but I do not! These wimminz are getting exactly what they asked for.They have no one to blame except themselves.I could give a lot more examples,but,I think I have stated my point from my perspective that I see everyday.Thanks.

    • A 38-year-old ‘hottie’ wants to get married and THEN have a kid??
      At that rate, she’ll be forty or over when she tries to get pregnant! LOTS of luck!
      Without incredibly expensive fertility treatments, she’d have better luck at being resigned to the fact that she let it go too long and she should adopt.
      Modern women are completely delusional to think that they can get pregnant for the first time when they are in their late thirties through their forties.

  6. @rmax

    Excellent article! I agree with it 100%. A couple of statements that you made stand out to me…

    “”Women are literally having to learn how to pick up men, a huge shift from rejecting hundreds of good decent men …””

    Yes they are learning to have to pick up men…L*….and they are not very good at it! I have been approached by women with the stupidest “pick-up lines” I have ever heard in my life.I like to sit and listen to them…they are hilarious!

    “”Anyway, women are too masculine & the lack of any incentives to date women, ie no marriage, which is causing the huge marriage strike””

    I agree! Ever seen a woman cop?….PUKE!….she does not look like a woman…she looks like a friggin retard! I know this one woman cop that walks the beat here in Toronto as I see her when I go for a coffee and Backwoods Cigar.She used to always talk to me…but,now she avoids me.About a year ago she asked me to get “together” with her.I replied…”you mean like a date”?….she said…”sure why not”?….I said that “I cannot do that…would you like to know why”?…she replied..”Yes I would”….So I told her the honest truth….”If I was to go out with a woman like yourself…I would become the laughing stock among my friends,peers and business associates….that’s why”….She just turned and walked away…Oh well! The day I start banging broads like that I might as well start banging guys….and that is not going to happen!

    “”For the first time in history, Men are rejecting modern women … “”……..That is why I use the term “woman strike”.I see women getting turned down everyday and they are starting to realize that something is very wrong and when I get the chance I tell them why they are getting rejected.Also,just to make another point to your statement.A friend of mine that owns a bar where my friends and I go after work for a beer has told me several times that business sucks on the weekends because there are no men coming into the bar.When the women come in and see no men they leave and go somewhere else.I have explained to him that “men are avoiding women” as they are not worth the hassle.He agreed! …..and also told me that “I wouldn’t give any woman that comes into my bar the time of day as they are all garbage”…..I agree!

    • Great comments mark

      The main reason that woman asked you out, she’s too masculine for men to even look at her, she has to resort to asking men out … women like her induce a gag reflex in most men

      The shift from men doing all the work to women doing all the work & watching them run after men, is pretty hilarious

      Masculine women synonmous with clueless about why men hate them

  7. Women are waiting too long to get serious with men. By the time they are willing to “settle” on someone in their league — rather than sleep with exciting alpha types — they have lost their looks and often their fertility.

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  9. Look at guys like Paul McCartney, and Phil Collins. Those guys are really nice yet they got taken to the cleaners in divorce courts. If a guy is rich or he’s making at least $250,000 per year, (like this guy who is now getting destroyed: ), is it a really bad idea to get married to anyone these days? Is it a form of financial suicide for the men?

    Here is a few quotes of the REPLIES from other readers about that article of the divorced 53yr Jack:

    . “Because it was a long-term marriage, there’s no automatic end to spousal support. My concern is about what spousal support will be if circumstances change, if either of us experiences job loss, remarriage or illness. That’s something I have no control over, but I worry about the financial impact and the legal process.”

    “You don’t have to get a job when you are in a long-term marriage, the husband, and in 99% of cases it’s the man, is punished for being the “enabler” for encouraging his wife to stay at home and give up her career. I tell men all the time to never, ever let their wife stay at home with the kids but none of them ever listen.”

    “I’m afraid Jack made a big mistake having a stay at home wife. There is no economic penalty when you leave a marriage these days – tired of Jack working so much? Jack is stressed? Leave him and his problems behind and keep benefiting from his labors.”

    “Jack is paying a big price for having a live in house keeper. Under no circumstances should any man entertain having a stay at home spouse. Send her to work.”

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  11. The primary problem is the laws. No matter what a western woman is like the laws are so biased marriage is serfdom for men.

  12. I was once a devoted feminist until my own mother destroyed my family and kept us from seeing our father. Until family courts stop destroying father’s lives, I’m MGTOW all the way.

  13. Negative words, actions, and thoughts by women DO NOT lead to quality good men. Good quality men stay away from wicked women. The Bible says that it’s better for a man to be alone than to be with some quarrelsome woman. The Bible also warned men not be deceived by a woman’s charm and beauty because it does not measure good character. Jesus Christ does not like feminism, negative influences of Hollywood, liberal media, materialism, and such that have destroyed many females worldwide. He told women to submit to a man (husband) the same way as to the Lord. The main problem with women they do not want to follow and live by God’s teachings of how a woman should be Godly. The main man that the bad women have a problem with is God.

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  16. bs women cannot be promiscious or masculine they lack testosterone. In reality men are avoiding women because marriage is a financial scam

  17. There’s something a lot of us haven’t realized: 49% of all the countries in the world legally allow prostitution. In the US, the only legal place to get laid with a hooker is two or three counties in the state of Nevada.

    A number of countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Peru, and Brazil allow and regulate houses of prostitution. Australia and New Zealand allow it.

    A small number of countries in Europe allow it. Mexico which is right across the border from four of our southwestern states allows it legally. All of the countries in Central America have it legally.

    Traveling to Mexico from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to get sex from a legal prostitute in a legal brothel that’s regulated by the Mexican local governments in each of the Mexican states gives men living in each of these four states a tremendous advantage. For starters, it disempowers feminists and gold digging women who seek to control the sex lives of us men.

    If you have a business in which you previously were having to go through a buffer or middleman to get to a market and then circumstances got changed so now the middleman or buffer agent was taken out and now you get to market directly, you get to keep more of the profits to yourself that used to be the cost of doing business.

    The same principle applies to men who want to get laid, get sexual satisfaction, but want to avoid having to deal with women’s terms in exchange to get the rocks off.

    Now the whoremongering man can go abroad for sexual satisfaction, pay a fee to the woman who’s renting to him her vagina and mouth, and then come back to conduct his business as usual.

    Do I recommend it? No. Not really.

    However, I don’t overlook that it does present some advantages for men. It’s preferable to having to play Russian roulette with a woman who can destroy you in exchange for getting sexually satisfied with the real thing.

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  19. The modern woman is a joke.

    During her 20s, she sleeps around, suck a bunch a d***, ain’t loyal, have bitchy attitudes, can’t cook, can’t clean, don’t exercise, can’t keep in shape. But once her 30s, THEN she wants to get married?

    It’s no wonder why men don’t want to get married. Who wants to get married to a used-up old bag who rode a bunch of d*** when she was young? Women like that can’t be trusted.

    Time & time again, modern women have said “we don’t need men”, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, etc. Well ladies, we got the message, & the bicycle realized it never needed you in the first place.

    And now that you are getting everything that a man has to deal with, you have come to realize that things aren’t as green on other side of the lawn. I would feel sorry for you modern women, but I don’t. You brought this on yourself.

    You made your bed ladies, now you have to lay in it.

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