The Whole Point of Christianity Is To Create A Highly Uneducated Dumbed Down Slave Race

The concepts of christianity are dead & deserve to stay dead, precisely because theyre a creation of Rome & jews, specifically designed to create an ancient form of communism

Jews are the shock troops of Rome, while christianity & islam are the velvet fists of Rome

Jews insert the sociocultural reigns in society, while the christians & islam’s propogate & reinforce the brainwashing of the population, enslaving the population to whatever Rome & its millions of think tanks pull out of their ass, to enslave men & women, generation after generation

Beware people youre thoughts are not your own, every thought you think you own, is not yours … We were never meant to be divided into families, or live in cities or work in enslavement to pieces of paper … We were meant to be modern day tribes, where everyone is a brother or sister

Jews & christians & islamists have worked for centuries to divide the population into families, instead of tribes where everyone is a brother or sister

The family is an artificial structure

Of course christians dont give a crap about the logic & historic clear path of social engineering, where they systematically & methodically wiped out the natural social structure & divided the population into families, instead of tribes where everyone is of the same blood & exist in a state of brotherhood

The artificial family structure is designed to estrange & isolate millions of men & women, into brutally alienated groups where they literally see everyone outside of the artificial constructs of the family as a mass murderer or serial killer

We are all brothers & sisters, if you’re white everyone white is a brother & sister, if you’re black everyone is a brother & sister

We were never meant to be divided into families, driven by temporal lineage, we were never meant or designed to be this way …

Imagine getting laid off at work, & the entire street rallies around & supports you, an outpouring of sympathy support, by hundreds of people around you, handing you food clothing & finances, until you get back on your feet

This is the kind of massive support & structure they dont want you to have, the family construct is in direct contrast to the generosity & empathy & bonds the people have for one another …

Monogamy is a vital form of slavery used by the christian structure to enslave millions of sex starved men

Anyway …

Of course christians, dont give a shit about how twisted & perverted theyve turned society into, the millions of braindamaged homosexuals theyve created with their puritanism & destruction & attacks on mens natural sexuality & needs

The puritianism of feminism is a direct result of the puritanism of christians

The blood of transvestites & homosexuals are at the hands of christian puritans

Monogamous marriage is a prime example of the folly of christians, mainly because monogamous marriage is incompatible with both men & womens biology & methods of reproduction

All it does is create a horde of pussified, mangina’s optimised for slave labour

Monogamous is highly damaging for men, as men are designed to be polygamous, while women are designed to be in a harem, hence their riding the carousel in the company of a single alpha who bangs multiple women

Monogamy is essentially inserted into society by radical homosexual catholics & their crooked cronies the christian’s & muslims, to attack & destroy men, by demonising natural male sexuality & polygamy, while enslaving them to an aging hag through marriage, as a form of enslavement

Christians have never given a shit about men or women, all they care about is justifying their religion

No matter how biologically incorrect, no matter how damaging their concepts, christians will go out of their way to stab you in the back …

Let us remember, christianity & Islam is a tool of Rome, responsible for wiping out & massacring millions of white people in the isles of britain & the home of the druids, ireland

Christianity is a tool of conquest & slavery & murder

Which is why it teaches dumbed down concepts such as heaven, hell & sin

The whole point of christianity is to wipe out the local population, its ethical cultures & traditions & create a highly uneducated, dumbed down slave race

We have to get away from the artificial structures of Rome


5 thoughts on “The Whole Point of Christianity Is To Create A Highly Uneducated Dumbed Down Slave Race

  1. Now you need to create a ruthless, snarky, volatile post upon the opposite. The evils of the masters and those of power. Their poisonous idealogy, their lack of compassion, their intellectual elitism, their dehumanization of others, their ways of making human life a means to an end.. And then the healthy medium will be.. more evident. Or starting to reveal itself.

    • My next post is catholocism is a religion of homosexuality, not christianity

      After that catholicism was created to wipe out christians who fled rome in africa

      Catholicism is based on the tower of babel, where the first nwo, one global currency & the first global world government were created

  2. The family is not an artificial construct, marriage is, but the family is not.
    Your family are those most genetically similar to yourself (birds of a feather flock together – A natural Law)
    Tribes as you know them are actually just large extended family structures, which is why the people in them have similar genetics.
    Roman Catholicism and the Jews have indeed sought to dumb-down the general population so that they are easily controlled and have introduced their own versions of Christianity& Judaism to accomplish this task and provide a method of control. Real Christianity, frees the individual however and was present (in greater numbers) prior to the council of Nicea. In their bid to centralize the church (and control great volumes of people) The Romans, led specifically by the bishop of Alexandria, attempted to destroy real Christianity (Taught by Arius – which was doing well at the time as it made sense). The would be destroyers eventually became the Catholic Church.In their quest to control others new heresies (lies) were introduced to the church to confuse people and over complicate faith. The laymen was tricked into following rituals designed to enhance the controlling power elites, as they could not understand the mysteries of salvation. (If you are looking for confusion try understanding the Trinity – A false doctrine taught in all mainstream christian churches today, both catholic and protestant, that has no biblical support). In short, it is not the bible, Christianity, or the family that are your enemy, rather it is those that pervert these in order to control you who are the enemy.

  3. ‘The Puritanism of feminism is a direct result of the puritanism of christians’

    Keen insight. The truth is, feminism is a direct result of the puritanical beliefs and practices of Protestant Christians of Northern Europe. Primarily England. For a deeper analysis and explanation I will provide a link to an essay from the foremost authority on this subject:

    Puritanism as it came to be called stemmed from Protestantism. The Protestant Split occurred as a direct reaction to the corruption of the Papacy and a majority of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Initially it was righteous but soon it was subverted by the Talmud worshipping usury imposing satanists. This occurred in the late 16th and early 17th century. These banking Talmud reading rats then proceeded to FUND the entire European Wars of Religion. Not long into this little venture did the pervert Talmudic mongrels obtain control of a kingdom. This was of course the Dutch and boom we now have the age of discovery, completely fueled by Usury.

    This is a small, but major portion of the entire story. There is much more if you have the mind to seek, ears to hear. I am someone who has left Catholicism entirely, searched everywhere, studied endlessly, only to return to Christ. Seeing in Roman Catholicism every Truth and every knowledge ever known to any man, anywhere. This is hidden from you, of course.

    I did not return to anything you know of or call Roman Catholicism, believe me. I returned to a paganized Christianity. A religion one may even call, a warrior cult revolving around a sun god, the true Christianity.

  4. “Monogamous is highly damaging for men, as men are designed to be polygamous, while women are designed to be in a harem, hence their riding the carousel in the company of a single alpha who bangs multiple women.”

    The author is woefully ignorant here, as monogamy is the foundational piece for Western Civilization. Furthermore, the author assumes that only alphas are worthy of possessing a harem, thus bogarting fine women at the expense of his brethren. Exactly why real men reject the author’s hypocrisy–his own solipsism is used to shut out millions of sex starved men. Until the author has clearly demonstrated his own manly chops by way of several YouTube videos, we should assume he is a gamma.

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