What Retards Like Captain Capitalism Will Never Tell You, How To Easily Become A Millionaire, By Going Against Everything You Know About Capitalism

alexandra_potter_and_tentacle_by_papaninja-d5l43ciIve been meaning to create a post on how to become a millionaire for awhile

Instead ive opted on a more stripped down, practical outline, anyone with a functioning braincell can understand, & rapidly realise their income …

Becoming a millionaire is relatively easy, its even easier when you realise everything you’ve been told, about capitalism’s designed not to make you a millionaire …

Instead of creating artificial forms of scarcity, do the exact opposite

Instead of going into debt, do the exact opposite

Instead of enslaving people through corporations etc, do the exact opposite & give them a real stake in the success of your ideas & projects

Instead of creating monopolies & depriving people of resources, leverage people into a real portion & share of the resources, everyone’s a walking gold mine, just have to give them an incentive to tap & invest into your business …

Becoming a millionaire is relatively easy …

Create multiple forms of cross collateral & accumulative holdings, the great thing about an accumulative, when shared across a group it increases exponentially

Basically pool together a group of friends, buy an investment such as a property & reinvest 25% into the business, once you have enough buy another property reinvest buy another etc.

This is alot easier then it sounds, for example you can get an entire property for a contract of about $20,000 $30,000, the tenants you rent the property out to, cover the monthly rent & you split the profits between your friends

By the first year not only will you have made a profit, but also paid back your initial investment of $20-30,000

The 2nd year pure profit

Once you have enough cash, buy another property or expand your business, double the profits & buy another property rapidly, far more rapid then originally

This works best, when you have an extreme, one to many strategy

Cross collateral is basically if one building or business needs repairs, multiple property’s cover the cost of one

Basically build redundancy to give yourself room to breath, while you sort out any problems

Multiple revenue streams, or cross collateral are key to the survivability of a business

A successful business has to be cross collateral & accumulative, how well you leverage those two variables, the more rapid & glorious your rise to power, wealth & riches

You can do this on your own, its alot easier with friends as you can tap into the cross collateral of your friends, for unforseen dues & expenses & injections of much needed capital

You can also literally become a billionaire if you master the theory of liquidising your assets, & combine the basic strategy Ive outlined above

Ie., you can use loans to accellerate the entire above process, but have a strategy to make liquid some of your property to prevent going into massive debt, & an end game strategy of completely negating debt

I could outline a mind blowing strategy of liquidising your assets & becoming a billionaire, you guys can research techniques on leveraging liquidity,the information is all over the web

Most people are already millionaires, they just dont know how to leverage liquidity, or create a cross collaterol, accumulative business

If you can save a minimum of $10,000 or $30,000 a year, youre already a millionaire


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