This Blog Is Based On Sociobiology & Biochemistry, Not Evo Psychology

There’s no such thing as psychology, a fake science rendered useless with bullshit statistics,  filled with fake theories designed to criminalise all forms of normal behaviour 

Psychology is basically designed to terrorise the population with fake illnesses & sell toxic pills,which cause massive amounts of mental damage

Just like modern medicine, psychology is designed to terrorise people & murder large populations on a massive scale

Modern medicine is designed to murder populations, preying on the sick & dying, killing them with fake medication & barbaric surgeons

Modern medicine is barbaric

Truth is the true form of psychology is sociobiology & biochemistry

This is because all behaviour is biology

By understanding how biology interacts with sociology, we can predict the biological reaction of a person far easier, then the probability scale used in psychology

Social interaction is always governed by the biological variables & traits of a person, this in turn creates his psychology

By understanding the foundation of biology we can easily predict how men & women react to each other on a massive scale, using a biological understanding of behaviour

This is why this is a sociobology & biochemistry blog


2 thoughts on “This Blog Is Based On Sociobiology & Biochemistry, Not Evo Psychology


    Thank you Modern Medicine for bringing us glorious pills that allow us to reach a dull unconscious hazy zombie brain where we don’t have to do unpleasant things like think or discipline oursleves. Thank you for letting us depend on you day after day, week after week, year after year, as if you are some familiar friend. You’ve created a lovely ritual indeed allowing us to reach into the cabinet before brushing our teeth before hitting the sack instead of that tedious thing called Prayer Solitude and Reflection. Thank you for robbing us of our male desire through your various SSRI’s. Libido so so evil. Thank you for allowing women to express themselves authentically even more without fear of discipline from your oral contraceptives.. They going through hormonal change, surely they should be allowed to engage in behavior like cutting off penises, murdering children, blaming everything on boring ass law abiding citizens, extracting wealth from the productive, expressing themselves to validate feelings. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


    Thanks to this brilliant discipline fielded by such astute, disciplined intellects as Freud, Adler, Jung and negligent of those retards Shakespeare and the imbecilic Ancient “Wisdumb” found in things like the Bible; they NOW have convinced 3/4 of the population that the “reason” why people do something “bad” is because they’re insecure. “Oh you must be insecure” “Oh he is angry because he is insecure.” And daddy/mommy issues! THEY’VE FIGURED OUT THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING. WAHOO!

    • Great if slightly incoherent comment

      True the whole point of modern medicine is to label health & normlityas a disease, & create disease & dysfunction throughout society for profit

      Disrupting the hormonal & biological health of billions of innocent ppl, in the name of fake medicine & fake sciences

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