Resuming Posts In Two Weeks Time, In The Middle of a Massive Transition

I’ve been in transit for the last few months, basically trying to find a new place

Im sick of the crazy cost of living in the U.K. The U.K is essentially a crap economy which rips off the population with huge amounts of inflation, tax & criminally high rent, over £1000 a month for a 2 bedroom shoebox, in the middle of run down london

Most of London is a shit hole, the local government is so corrupt, vast portions of london look like iraq …

I’ve been in transit, trying to find a country where the weather doesnt kick your ass …

Ive found the country, heres hoping i can settle down for a few months & get back to normal …

Resuming posts, but the focus is on free from censorship by wordpress, & their politically correct, hate speech crap

I cant post really hard hitting controversial stuff just yet, new domain & server coming up

I’ve got some great posts lined up ie christianity is sharia law for men & how women raped black men, turning them into thugs & poverty

I’ve got some great expose’s on Paul Elam, Karen Straughan coming up

All prisons are rape camps for men, & torture camps for boys

Plus my new guide on game & how to avoid getting screwed over by hypersexual women …

I just need a couple of weeks, to settle down in my temporary accomodations, before I resume all posts …


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