Met Rape Specialist Investigators State 50% – 90% of All Rape Faked & Falsified By Women

Of course women routinely lie about rape, as most women routinely fantasise about getting raped …

Even to the point of a million dollar industry of rape novels catering for womens fantasies of being dominated & raped by long haired bodice ripping hunks …

ie. most Mills & Boons novels

All of these rape novels of women raped by hunks, are penned & written by women for women, not men

This is in stark contrast to men biologically hard-wired to find rape a turn off …

“US Air force study confirms 60% of rapes to be false, a full 27% of the allegations were confirmed to be false because the woman admitted to making them up. (x)”

Another great study, Over 80% of Men Interviewed Knew Someone Who Had Been Falsely Accused by A Woman …


  • Over eight of ten (81%) who said that they knew someone falsely accused answered that the falsely accused party was male.
  • Nearly seven in ten (69.9%) of those falsely accusing were female. These results indicate very strongly that false accusations and their aftermath loom very large in the landscape of men’s lives. And while there are falsely accused females out there, the issue is one that can be fairly identified as generally an act of aggression against men (x)

Whats even worse most police stations refuse to class women faking rape or false claims of rape as a crime …

Even though theres a massive hidden epidemic of rape generally used as an act of aggression against men, the media or the police refuse to report

Most fake rapes are classed as no-crime, & deleted from their police files, instead of pressing charges against the woman

            Some studies even show nearly 100% of all rape claims are faked by women …

  • False rape reporting is not 15% but 100% of cases, by definition. Consequently, even if instances of ‘making it up’ are in proportion small in comparison to actual rape, they can easily make up a third or a half of the cases that get as far as the police.”

It gets worse 50-90% of all rapes reported false by police who specialise in rape investigations themselves …

“No less a figure within the Met than Ian Blair himself authored a study of specialist rape investigators within the police, revealing that they estimate the incidence of ‘false rape’ to be between 50% and 70%. Similar surveys around the world come in between 50% and 90%.”

Also why feminists seem to say 90% of all rape’s are committed by men …

“The reason why some studies find 90%+ rates of male perpetration and female victimization is that they rely on statistics that aren’t even measuring the rate of rape in the general population, they’re statistics regarding _who feels empowered to report their rape to the police_. Using them to say anything about rape prevalence is a flat out lie. ”




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