Race:How Africans & Blacks Violently Attacked & Repressed Masculinity & White Mens Rights Using NGO’s

Criticising & factually analysing the damage the black community has done to white countries, such as the U.K. & the U.S, has absolutely nothing to do with racism

Black communities have been attacked & brainwashed by White liberal organisations, to see any criticism of black people as racism, instead of correcting the problems black people face in their communities

The larger the group being attacked, the more funds & grants you raise, by representing the victims of the group you want to attack, as oppressed & repressed …

The massive funds raised by these NGO’s allows them to create pressure groups & lobbyists, to create Fake, illegal laws which allows lawyers & politicians to profit off the attack on white males & white family structures

The use of NGO’s & Activist Movements by Africans to pave the way for feminism …

It’s important to realise the first ever attack on hetrosexual countries & masculinity, was first by race

The black civil rights liberation was the first ever large scale use of Orwellian propoganda techniques in modern history

Black families are mostly matriarchy

By forcing a black matriarchial family structure onto a white society based on a male patriarchial based family structure, literally destroyed thousands of years of white traditions & white culture in the short space of around 80 years ie 1900 to 1960

Black culture, ie black music literally destroyed the Victorian era & white cultures of ballrooms & white social etiquettes …

Even worse Black culture is ridiculously anti-male, as matriarchial societies cant stand beta’s, men who refuse to conform to being an alpha bad boy or thug …

This massive culture forcing of Black music & Black culture, ie the worship of men only approved by women, onto a white male led masculine society, where all white men are honored & revered, detonated literally thousands of years of rock solid traditions of white culture & family

To give an example of just how masculine white societies were … literally ALL cafes & restaurants were either men only or had men only sections called mens grills

Entire streets & large portions of London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, were filled with men only cafes & restaurants, overflowing with men discussing philosophy, the arts, politics

By attacking the white population, ie 99% of the entire population of the white country, the NGO’s representing black civil rights were mostly white,

These NGO’s were able to receive literally unlimited funds, as the group committing the crimes against the 5% of africans were literally an entire country …

The larger the group being attacked, the more funds & grants you raise

To this day the black NGO’s receive literally billions every year, even outstripping  feminist NGO’s

Precisely because the black NGO’s demonise a much larger group, ie all of the white population, instead of just 50% of the population ie all men

The larger the group being attacked & demonised, ie all of the white population, the more funds they raise

The massive funds raised by these NGO’s created pressure groups & lobbyists, to create fake, illegal laws which allowed lawyers & politicians to profit off the attack on white males & white family structures

The whole point of the black civil liberties movement, was to attack white masculine societies & countries & pave the way for a more modernised version of male slavery

A more modernised form of fascism & enslavery of men … called feminism

The black civil rights movement wasnt just a 2 or 3 year movement in the 60’s, it was a massive campaign lasting for over 80 years to destroy white culture & the enforcement of black culture on white people against their will

Feminism would have some serious opposition, if the black civil rights hadnt systematically attacked & enforced the destruction of White family values & white traditions because of NGO’s



5 thoughts on “Race:How Africans & Blacks Violently Attacked & Repressed Masculinity & White Mens Rights Using NGO’s

  1. so… this site isn’t about men’s rights, it’s about white men’s rights.
    no wonder your sight gets no follows. we can see right through you
    your view of the world would improve if you pulled your head out of your ass

    you’re suffering from the disease of me
    -resentment of competence of another
    -leadership vacuum resulting from the formation of cliques and rivalries
    -paranoia over being cheated out of one’s rightful share
    -chronic feelings of under-appreciation – focus on oneself

    when animals are moved out of an ecosystem by people and moved to another (ie. pythons put in florida to cut down on vermin)… the animal adapts to the ecosystem

    yes, we spend our time hating you kwazy krackers and plotting on how to take down the white society

    we’re on your heels. best get on them toes

  2. sad thing is, i agree with most of what you say
    you’re doing the same thing married women do
    isolate a whole group that could help your cause

    • You’re making a huge a mistake by mistaking criticism & analysis of the damage, blacks & africans have done to white people, as racism

      Racism is hatred of black people, I reserve my hatred for those who brainwashed black people, & tricked black people to attack the cultures & traditions of white people

      If this site was about white mens rights only, it wouldn’t be called Rejecting Modern Women

      There is a certain level of logic, you have to understand as a black person & as an ethnicity

      If white liberals loose political power, black people, along with everyone else ie mexicans, indians etc., will be kicked out & deported by force

      It is white’s, especially clueless white women, who keep the wolves at bay

      You would do well to remember the grace of white people, who fight for your right to live in a white majority country

      It is your responsibility as a black person, to fight for the rights of the same white people, who by their grace & compassion allow you to live in their white state

      Realise the truth, black people were NEVER enslaved

      You have been lied to & brainwashed into dividing against those who show you grace & compassion

      • I dont know where you live but I live in Northern England and the racial or rather I should say cultural/ religious issues are way more complicated and dangerous than black v white etc.. Can’t say too much online as we don’t have freedoms of speech in this country.
        I read your site and some of your blogs and I agree with a lot of what you say tbh although tis hard to digest sometimes. Lol

        What motivated you? You must have suffered some serious shit.. I think we all do really. The politically correct has strangled this country.. Idk how long it can continue before some war will happen and press the reset button. Thanks

  3. It must be understood that there is a concerted media,
    political and cultural effort to denigrate-and eventually
    exterminate-the white Christian male. This is why white
    female sexuality is projected at the black male.
    The white male is the devil, but the white female is the
    Godess. Race mixing is “chic” and trendy, almost
    required. Insn’t there a fad in England to breed “designer”
    bi-racial babies? All of this is going to culminate in a
    mixed race population. But the objective will NOT be the
    extermination of the white race per se. Beautiful white
    women will ALWAYS be in demand to fill the beds of
    minority men. Contuious white women CAN be
    supplied through artifical insemination. Vast stores of
    white male sperm are on hand. No live white man need
    be left. This is the ultimate Jewish agenda.

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