My logo will soon Read Sex Without Consent in a Whiskas Can Is Fricking Hilarious

This is just a temporary logo i put up, as its hilarious …

The Whiskas can is basically an analogy of all those Mills & Boones novels, basically rape fantasies with long haired bare chested hunks …

Basically women today have their heads stuck in a Whiskas can ie a mills & boone novel… & the men who refuse to participate in their sick fantasy’s …. the perfect definition of rape hysteria …

Sorry ladies, but the stats are in, & no one wants to rape your sand-papered, pounded by a hundred cocks vagina …

Take your sick fantasies of wanting to be raped somewhere else

Men in first world countries have the money & cash & options, to attract hot young tight ass …

Men today, especially nerds have so much cash, they can literally ignore & kick the majority of these 30 year old, feminist women to the curb

This is the dirty secret of feminism today

Yes, there are desperate guys with cash out there, but theyre just as rare as the Alpha millionaire plumber

The reality is 99% of women who follow feminism, are routinely dying a slow death, because of their inability to admit, feminism is destroying them …

Women today are dying a slow death of a thousand rejections …

Your con game is up, go shove your attempts at creating fake rape hysteria where the sun dont shine …

Your days at creating fake hysteria & fake laws over fake statistics are over


One thought on “My logo will soon Read Sex Without Consent in a Whiskas Can Is Fricking Hilarious

  1. Wow, you don’t need any money or charisma with all those raping skills.. always wanted to meet a guy like you. 😉

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