The Attack On African Families is a Mens Rights Issue

Africans, especially african americans need to stop hiding behind the cowardice of racism, & face the very real dangers occurring in their communities, caused by feminist NGO’s posing as fake charities & fake aid to black communities

These liberal & feminist NGO’s deliberately attack black schools, & they attack the very fundamental principles of black communities, turning them into literal ghettos’s on a massive scale

The african family is THE test-bed

The african family is THE experimental lab as a community used by feminists & liberals to test their latest theory on, before spreading it to the rest of the country

African families were the first to receive feminism, 30 YEARS before white families

African families were the first to be imprisoned on a massive scale by the then experimental police state, again 20-30 years before white families were attacked by the very same police state

African children’s i.q & education were the first to be targetted by a massive sweep of lowering of standards, resulting in a massive drop out of African children


The state goal is for 45 percent of black students to answer 23 of 35 items correctly and for 82 percent of Asian students to answer 23 of 35 items correctly.

Stop Lowering the Bar for (Black) College Athletes

The lower test-score standards, combined with high-school grade inflation, have led to greater numbers of athletes who qualify with very low test scores.

Those students possess inadequate skills to manage college academics, creating a greater need for academic-support services at institutions already struggling with strained budgets, staffs, and faculties.

Lowering state test standards leads students to lower theirs

The state Board of Education has adopted new Annual Measurable Objectives.

The targets are much lower for some races and demographic subgroups, particularly for African American, Hispanic and disabled students.

It is as if the state is more concerned with meeting dumbed-down goals

Than ensuring that all children learn the basics.


Combine that with massive restrictions on teachers ability to discipline & correct bad behaviour

Again all of the massive sweeps of attacks on african children, & massive liberal straitjackets on the teachers ability to discipline & correct bad behaviour, were ALL applied to white families 20-30 years later

Add the enslavement of black families to welfare & food stamps

& you have the rampant holocaust of African families today

This is a mens rights issue, because everything about an african boys masculinity is also attacked & their natural behaviour attacked by feminists

The very same holocaust of African families has now transferred onto white families right on cue, & white men forced into illiteracy

Their forced illiteracy makes them easy prey for the violent prison state, which surrounds them


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