The Insane Sexualisation Of Women Is Mass Dehumanisation of Women

Tragic sexualisation of women is dehumanisation of women

Consider the amount of dehumanisation required to abort a child

Consider the MASSIVE amounts of dehumanisation required to chemically castrate a 18 year old girl,& expose a girl to massive amounts of std’s & auto-immune disease’s

& then consider a woman who considers it a right to murder & cripple young girls, by exposing a girls sterile vagina

Women are given obscene amounts of privilege precisely because they dont have the moral agency or rational to use it

To dehumanise a peoples sense of right & wrong & enslave men through women

A mass attempt at dehumanising society through priviliged white women

& the radical deconstruction of sexuality by black women

The real invaders of society

The real terrorists

Real societal terrorists dont use bombs, they use wombs

A promiscous woman is nothing but a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy her family

& throw another man on the pile to burn steal & rape mens rights


9 thoughts on “The Insane Sexualisation Of Women Is Mass Dehumanisation of Women


    You guys have no idea – or maybe you do, that’s not really the point – how easy it is to fuck these days. Pussy is on tap. This is so freaky it’s almost surreal. I live in an area in which guys are no-show, for lack of a better term, and the girls, legions of them, are so desperate that it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable sometimes to reject so many of them. And I mean one after another.

    Some of them could rape me if they could, I can see it in their eyes. They are so lonely and don’t get any attention that they are simply dying, just dying!

    Being 22, I’ve found myself rejecting – get this – a BRAND NEW CAR! – in exchange for a relationship. Of course, I refused. I have no use for the car nor her nor relationship. You see, I live easily, work part time, play sports, games, drink, exercise and basically just chill out. And I’ve recently discovered that this drives the girls insane; apparently women don’t like men having fun, especially when they’re not around.

  2. I wasn’t really aware of the menosphere.I found out recently after searching online why there are so many lonely, desperate women around. I knew it wasn’t a local issue.

    • @local dude

      Its not about easy to lay sluts & whores, its about high quality women

      Game & pickup is all about choice, it gives you access to high quality women, so you dont have to bang easy to lay sluts & whores

      It’s alot like having people around you, do you want yes men, or women you want to fuck, instead of women who’re easy to fuck …

      Also sexualising women makes them useless to most men, as all women who sleep around end up in harems of alpha men

      Making it difficult for women to switch from being in a harem of an alpha male, to being with a regular man & a wife

      The main reason women are so bitchy & irrational, they spend literally their entire lives from the age of 14 to 30 in soft harems run by alpha’s

      These women cant handle the shock of talking to a normal man, after years of switching in & out of harems run by alpha males in their social circle

      Then theres the problem of sluts & whores only voting for sexy alpha’s, eventually resulting in a massive corrupt police state

      A high quality woman is a woman you have great chemistry with & thinks you’re the hottest guy she’s ever met, & is feminine & submissive enough to the point she suppresses her shit tests & emotional bs

  3. I completely understand that. However, I’m only playing the cards I’m dealt. A staggering number of modern women, something akin to 80-90%, are not marriage material and nor worth the effort. And I don’t ever plan to get married (at least not in the West) so I’m just enjoying my time. 🙂

    A quality women in America? Buhahaha!

    • Theres nothing wrong with banging easy ho’s lol, just use them as a transition to higher quality erm sluts …

      lol I didnt mean in america

      A nation full of high quality women, doesnt mean less women to bang, look at japan, eastern europe etc

      I meant game is all about giving you the choice of accessing high quality sluts , instead of banging the nearest available slut

      Would you rather bang a hb9 or hb10 or the nearest skank … yes theyre all sluts, game allows you avoid the wackjob bitches most men have no choice but to bang

      At least aim for a higher class of ho’, even if you’re banging easy sluts, your dick deserves high quality skank free pussy lol

      Sexualising women turns them into sluts, plus it leads to hordes of sluts voting for crooks & criminals creating the police state we know today

      If you go oversea’s, theres plenty of women to bang, but they havent been hypersexualisd as ameriskanks

      A nation full of over sexualised women, creates insane police states, as slutty women prefer government funding to finance their slut lifestyle

      You also have to realise sluts are a massive drain on a country, as women make up 50% of the population

      In the next two years, most police wont even respond to a burglary or assault, precisely because 50% of the population are all whores, using divorce & welfare to fund their lifestyles

      The key to banging high quality sluts, is to bang 2 or 3 at a time, its alot easier to bang multiple women then it is a single chick at a time

      Women crap their pants if they know their competing with other ho’s lol

  4. Seems as you two have been emasculated by a few females, which there are many of in any country that know exactly how to break a man and bring him back to his level. Being an intelligent female and reading your writing I would not give either of you the time of day; no matter how good looking you may think you are! One conversation with either of you and your intelligence level makes your looks decrease by 5 notches. Even if I were looking for a good lay there are certain things women with money, class and upper level education look for. For one I don’t want to have to represent some low life I had a one night stand with in court the next day!!

    I’m picky! Picky as hell about my Prada and my Findi so I’m damn sure picky about a dick. Plus, what woman wants a selfish lover that is not going to accommodate her. I tire easily of having men thinking they are all that in the bedroom and when they get there it ends up being a joke all the way around and then he thinks he can stay the night. I don’t think so! I have a meeting with Bob as soon as you’re out of my house. And without a master’s degree you will not get a chance in hell with me. I don’t play will little surfer boys that think life Is about smoking pot and can’t spell sexualization. See the Z there?! Good men and good lays are found on dance floors, on the tennis court, in a winery, and in church.

    Hope you mindless fellas learned something about women that don’t fit your category. Not everyone conceptualizes sexualiZation as the endless categorical theory of sluts and whores of women but actually appreciate the womb, the vagina, and the fact that the little clitoris (where most of you need an anatomy lesson on finding) are powerful tools that men need to realize without there would be no more repopulion. One of you may come back w cloning but it’s illegal bc what they have cloned have not lived long. Another may say growth in labs with eggs and sperm. But, I leave you with earth will ALWAYS need women no matter how much you demoralize them because WE are the only ones that produce human EGGS needed for reproduction.

    I bid you farewell! Don’t bite off more than you can chew. And, just so you know; yes I’m HOTTTT!! Blonde, super in shape w a 6 pack, 5’7 116 pounds all muscle and tan all year around. As a criminal defense attorney I don’t need a man! I love my 5642 sq ft home, my Lincoln and my Camaro. I never bite off more than I can chew and I’ve been ranked in the book of top litigators for 4 yrs running. I stumbled across this doing research for a case and could not help myself when in came to responding to idiots.

    • I was going to delete this comment, but the hilarity factor & the epic butthurt, stayed my hand … lol

      As this unfortunate woman, clearly demonstrates, running face first into the wall, causes plenty of women to go on incoherent rants …

      Unfortunately melissacoone youve been dehumanised into a male hating obscenity, you will never be able to make up for the lack of feminity, or innocence, with generic labels or sun tans

      Your useless parasitic job, pretty much confirms your dehumanised vapidity & your uselessness as a woman to men in general

      Thanks for the comedy gold, enjoy your surrogate cat farm & the high quality men you missed out on … toodles

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