Comment Of The Day: Feminism is One Of The Most Corrupt & Evil Criminal Organisations In The World

A great hard-hitting decription on just how feminism is nothing more then a highly corrupt, global, criminal organisation

GSI, yes indeed.
Thanks to articles like this I’m seeing more clearly than ever before there is an international criminal organization of sorts called feminism.

Goodness knows what the picture will look like when we get even more linked up with reports coming in from Asia, South America, and more reportage from India, the Middle East and Europe. As the Men’s Rights Movement grows exponentially I suspect we will see dots joined and a trail of money and broken humans of a scale that is hard to imagine right now.

Feminism has grown roots both deep and shallow in many countries. It has spawned many cells which have infiltrated universities and halls of politics where it’s propaganda is spread. It has it’s foot soldiers, it’s training officers and it’s hit squads who meet out punishment through foul means often using proxy violence or by twisting justice to it’s aims – the second class citizenship and servitude of men, and ultimately by slow or quick death the disposability of men.

We know all this.

But the sheer scale of global feminism and the identity of it’s hidden players is layer by layer, connection by connection, still being uncovered. We are in a sense all making history as investigative journalists stepping into a war zone. It will be fascinating and horrifying to watch the continued process of it’s exposure.

There is indeed a Gender Shakedown Industry. We are beginning to see rapidly increasing exposure of facts that can be used to prosecute racketeers who are using false data to assist prosecutors prove felony fraud.

When fake data is used to defraud government and private organizations for the purpose of gaining monies it is a serious crime.

There is clearly so much money involved in these criminal operations that it now becomes clear that racketeering entities can pay quite nicely for propaganda that seeks to counter exposure of felony feminism.

Those persons who create and widely disseminate false claims about men’s rights advocates are, in some prominent cases, probably on the take.

The evidence demonstrates that we are dealing with classic organized crime operations when we are dealing with the Gender Shakedown Industry.



Sandman –

Humanity has never, nor will it ever know an evil greater than feminazism.It’s like Nazism, only a million times worse and it’s global.

It is simply an international terrorist organization that brainwashes and poisons the minds of people on a scale never imagined, resulting in the destruction of society and of course the enslavement of men, and worst of all, governments allow this terror organization to exist.


2 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: Feminism is One Of The Most Corrupt & Evil Criminal Organisations In The World

  1. Here in the U.S., we now “celebrate” the 3rd
    annaversary of the Casey Anthony murder acquital.
    Casey is the personnification of the modern woman.
    Her life has only gotten BETTER, since she has rid
    herself of the albatross of her child,

  2. I’m saving up to get myself out of this messed up country! I’m in my late 30s and thinking of settling down BUT in a westernised country the women are fucked in the head trying to act like men! There is a reason why westernised countries have a divorce rate of 50% where it was below 5% before the birth of corrupted Feminism! So many broken homes hence why SO many people have mother and daddy issues which affects their entire life!

    In a westernised country women cheat like crazy where she can rob u of your kids that u can’t see ever again thanks to the corrupted family courts and u have to make payments for her life until your kids grow up! The WORST part is that it’s class as acceptable today! What a totally joke!

    I do not want to bring up children in such a corrupted country due to feminism where kids today have no good morals and feminism just confuses kids on their own sexually identify!

    The general population is 2 deeply brainwashed to wake up and open their eyes!! Maybe in the next 50-100 years society will wake up but not in my life time!

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