The Glorification of God, Instead of the Glorification of man, One of the Biggest Scams of Christianity

“Civilisations are built on the subjugation of man as a form of elitism & a cornerstone of religion, civilisations aren’t built on the liberation of man… because man as the workhorse of civilisation, you liberate the workhorse of civilisation”  – Rmax

“Maybe its time we trashed the elites & built a civilisation based on the liberation of male sexuality, instead of subjugating incredible brilliant betas to fat assed women who hit the wall in their 30’s … lol” -Rmax

Religion validates women, a feel good validation where they dont have to realise the massive efforts made by man to create & build civilisation

Where they dont have to confront the truth of the millions of men who built their homes, & roads & even the food their fat asses grow obese on …

Religion is all about hiding the massive truth of the blood & sweat of the millions of men building & working their asses of for civilisation

Christianity like most religions has jack shit on glorifying man or the hard work & labour of millions of men, but like most religions it goes out of its way to spit on men & his works by claiming all men are sinners & god created it all

The glorification of god, instead of the glorification of man, is one of the biggest scams of christianity & one of the most tragic mistakes of civilisation

The basic truth is, god doesnt build civilisations, roads or indoor plumbing … man does

All religion does is make it ok for women getting free shit for not doing anywork or hard labour, by using the magical power of their vaginas to leech & parasite of men

Religion gives women massive rationalisations & reasons not to give a shit about the hard work men have to go through, by attributing everything millions of men do, as a work of god …

Yep be thankful to god, dont be thankful to the millions of men who pampered your ass & built civilisation

This is at the heart & realisation of the misandry & the hatred of man, christianity preaches to batshit middle aged women on a daily basis

Dont attribute anything to man, dont give credit to man, dont recognise & praise man for his talents & skills, because god creates everything anyway

Why praise man or his endeavours?

When you can feel good about your uselessness, by attributing all the brilliance man has ever created & worked his blood & sweat for, to god …

We need to create movements which recognises man & the brilliance of man as the main reason for civilisation existing in the first place

This is WHY we need the MRA, MGTOW, game & PUA, because the alternatives are a thousand times more repressive

We HAVE to stop the enslavement of man by women, & religion

Religion is the anti-thesis for civilisation, because it seeks to co-opt & claim civilisation as a work of god, when in fact civilisation is a work man

Religion is the anti-thesis for civilisation, because a god doesnt consist of a realisation, of the millions of men breaking their backs & sweat to build the worlds we live in …


3 thoughts on “The Glorification of God, Instead of the Glorification of man, One of the Biggest Scams of Christianity

  1. Reblogged this on navb26 and commented:
    Religion is a creation by man to propagate his idea of God,mythology,ritual and donations of money given to Vatican,Mecca,Golden Temple etc

  2. Your analysis of man, religion, and civilization is elementary at best.

    Our Aryan tradition is one of hierarchy and castes.

    Religion is a side effect of a man attaining the highest state of consciousness this temporal body can handle. This man is then like a God to other men, holy and all knowing. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Zarathustra, Odin (Wotan) Mohammed etc…these men express truths hidden to egoic minds still trapped in an existence wholly focused on its self survival. These men decide to pass the truth to only a few other men, these men proceed in the same pattern. Soon you have an initiatic order of three generations. This order is your new elite. This elite shares its esoteric knowledge with a temporal entity, King, tribe, emperor, entire kingdom or empire. Now you have a Spiritual Authority and a Temporal Power, the life giver to all civilization.

    Brahman and Kshatriya, Priests and The Warrior Aristocracy. The twofold war, outer and inner, greater war and lesser war. This is the tradition of the White Man. All else if handing civilization to the hands of merchants and servants and talmud worshippers.

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