How To Transform A Gold Digger Into A Hot Sexy Wife

The first is to cut up the credit card, bar her from the bank, & basically stop her from taking cash for granted, she has to be made to feel the scarcity of money

A great way, is to give her too little cash for shopping, forcing her to budget & concentrate on the essentials, extragavagance leads to entitlement … which will literally transform a submissive feminine woman, into a whiny pampered house wife, who shit tests you to death … of course avoid this at all costs

Which is why you must give her the bare minimum at all times

Women dont know how to value expensive stuff, as theyre emotional, cash corrupts a womans natural feminity, stop giving her cash … lol

Always put a woman on a budget & force her to count the pennies, so she’s aware money is limited at all times

Women tell herself she earned the money, even though she did nothing to earn the cash

Women do this to stop themselves from feeling guilty or to stop feeling greedy, a womans emotional states are more important to her, then the truth, of course women must correct this at all times, as its clearly wrong

Men have to watch a womans emotional state, if her emotions are causing her to behave irrationality, it must be dealt with sternly, with dread game, which you must keep in reserve at all times

Of course women should do this too, at all times, as learning to correct your emotions is crucial for a wife, if she wants to enjoy the marriage or relationship

A woman who can correct herself, & stop herself from behaving irrationality, literally finds her husband hundreds of times more attractive, as she’s learned to stop questioning the alphaness of her husband

To redirect a womans value from cash to a relationship, you need to stop listening to her

One of the key traits of women, i havent got round to explaining is the fact all communication is a reward for women

All communication with a woman should be head nods, a shrug, or a head shake, it should be as none-verbal as possible

Unless you’re trying to get in her pants, or impress her with your intellect

Never ever make small talk with your wife or gf, just use a headnod if she tries to small talk

Small talk for a wife, conditions her to behave irrationally, as you’re rewarding her for talking meaningless words

If she brings up cash, tell her no none-verbally, walk out of the room, or go out slamming the door loudly etc.,

This will eventually de-condition her

If you try & argue with her, she’ll see it as a reward, & the cycle of gold digging wont end, as the husband literally rewards her for bringing up the subject

Never talk to a woman, if you dont have anything important to say

Women are designed to get orgasms from conversations, & words

Force her to savour her conversations with you,  & stop responding to her if she tries to small talk

Control the conversation at all times

If you do this, she’ll literally have a miniature orgasm everytime you talk to her

Controlling the conversation will also stop her from gold digging, & any other bad behaviours she may have

Of course she still has to work on herself, this will stop rewarding her for bad habits, which is 50% of the problem …

Stop talking to her & you stop rewarding her bad behaviour

Women want the strong silent type


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