How To Prevent Your Wife From Becoming A Gold Digger Part 2

The problem with dominating a woman to stabilise her, is it’s not autonomous

So essentially if the husband isnt around, he has to go through the same routine, trying to manage her behaviour, & then do the same thing when he comes from work …

Autonomous, self correcting behaviour is a crucial technique for women to learn, if they want an incredible successful relationship

Gold digging is essentially when the focus of the relationship is no longer on the connection, or bond of the husband & wife

Basically the wife starts to bond emotionally with the cash, & not bonding emotionally with the husband

A relationship refocuses emotional bond

Women have a tendency to redirect the emotional attributes of a relationship, in terms of social status & social logic, which in turn redirects the focus of the emotional bond of the relationship

ie. One of the first thing a woman asks for is a bigger house … this is an attempt to redirect the emotional bond between a man & a woman, towards cash & woman, & not the bond

Basically women are attracted to power, but this is always relative

If she thinks cash has more value & power, socially, then the bond between her & her husband, she’ll try to form an emotional bond with the cash

This is essentially why women become gold diggers, hypergamy triggered by an emotional response to materialism

Its a common function of addiction

An inanimate object becomes a living breathing person, with its own set of rewards & penalties

Greed is always an animation of the innanimate …


2 thoughts on “How To Prevent Your Wife From Becoming A Gold Digger Part 2

  1. Excellent observation – you just described my 17 year marriage and nearly 3 year divorce (despite no children).
    In addition, I think women relate security to money which is the furthest thing from the truth- money is nothing but literally paper and has been through multiple depreciation and based on a stock market.
    There is a vast difference between a real asset and money. Relationship/friendship with people of integrity / character / morals are much more valuable than money when SHTF.

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