How To Prevent Your Wife From Becoming A Gold Digger Part 3

Greed become animate, or the emotional response to cash becomes more real then the bond between a man & woman

The best way to keep a wife focused on the emotional bond in the relationship, is to drastically restrict access to cash

As hypergamy is a triggered response …

Basically avoid a shared bank account

Avoid expensive gifts, especially for birthdays, anniversaries & christmas

Avoid expensive restaurants like the plague

Avoid expensive clothes, shoes, jewellery etc.

Basically avoid using your role as a provider to provide meaning in the relationship

If you try & use cash to create emotions, she has a high risk of becoming unstable, & emotionally bonding to the cash, instead of the two of you

This will also cause her to become insecure in the relationship, she will no longer respect the relationship & this will trigger her hypergamy

As a result, she will literally try & seek out a bum, who doesnt shower her with expensive garbage, instead of the dominance & leadership she craves, in order to feel secure in a relationship

Yes a wife, should feel grateful & hot for her man being a breadwinner

This is 2013, most women dont value the concept of hardwork or hard labour

This is why you never buy gifts for a woman

When a woman is in the process of falling in love with a man, she’s looking for attributes to fall in love with

When you give gifts to a woman, as objects of affection, she becomes emotionally attached to the object instead of you

You’re literally cockblocking yourself with gifts …

Avoid buying crap which competes for her affection

That teddy bear she’s always wanted?

That gift will sit there & compete for her affection, time & attention …

All of which should be spent on the relationship & on the man & the children

Which is why you should avoid buying expensive crap

If your wife wants expensive crap, she should take up a part time job

& she’ll love you for it, for preventing her from becoming a narcisstic, materialistic, bitch …

Nobody enjoys being addicted to materialism, its a self defeating cause


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