Quick Preview: Is There Such A Thing As Emotional Maturity Part 2

Not sure if I have the time to post all of part 2, so heres a quick preview,basically i’m exploring why we have emotions & why women are still dependant on emotions, for their everyday thoughts, instead of logic & reason

This has important ramifications for those who practise game & pick up, or interested in finding out why women tick the way they do …

Part 1 covered the interesting state of maturity, part 2 covers emotions

Emotions are a rationalisation of primal thoughts

Emotions are specifically designed to rationalise the secretion of highly addictive, highly powerful drugs

Instead of getting high, we feel happy, excited, ecstatic

Our concious, our ability to conciously create an agreeable sense of space & society has out evolved our ability to generate complex emotions

We have for millions of years, relied on the primacy & emotions of our environment, to give us a computational & a sensation of the world around us

The emotions we generate today, arent anywhere near as complex as a jungle or a forest or a beach

As these environments require a highly complex sense of taste, & sound & instinct & visual colour

Our homes & workplaces, may not be in a lush jungle, but our subconcious is

Our subconcious literally thinks its still in a primal environment

This is why we still use primal strategies for mating & relationships

Because our environment isnt as complex as it used to be, our reliance on logic & rational has out paced our reliance on sensation & tastes, ie emotions

This out-pacing represents a unique challenge for women

Children dont have the ability to communicate …

Children are a unique sensation of tastes & sounds

A childs growth is determined by the subconcious reasoning of biology

Basically the childs subconcious has to be nurtured & developed

This requires women to remain primal & emotional, as you cant nurture a subconcious through logic & reason

If a woman isnt feminine, she doesnt have the ability to nurture the subconcious of a child

It isnt biology which guides us, its the rationalisation of our biology by our subconcious which guides us

A subconcious requires the primacy of a mother, & the logic & authority of a father to grow brilliantly

Our subconcious is hundreds of times more intelligent then our concious, precisely because it doesnt use logic or reason …

It uses …. the touch & sensation of a father & mother to grow formatively, if a child has no father or mother its nervous system doesnt have enough info to organise itself

The primacy of a mothers womb, literally requires her to remain emotional

The problem is our society doesnt see the importance of a womans primacy

Whats even worse our society doesnt want women to apply logic & reason to her emotions

As a woman in control of her emotions, is a threat to women who enjoy unleashing the random cruelty of their unlogical feminity, which is of course wrong

More to come tomorrow, hope you enjoyed the quickie … lol


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