The Marriage Strike Women Forced To Create A Hookup Culture & Alpha’s Part 2

Prior to the divorce industry, men had plenty of incentives for long term relationships

Hot women, modest chaste, feminine, able to bond with children, cook clean, plus men had easy access to great jobs

Alpha’s & cads rarely posed a problem, as most parents threw cads out of their homes

Of course the unlimited protection, & unlimited access to cash & money, & no need to work, was never enough for women

Instead of siding with the protection of man, women chose the hate of lesbians & mating rituals of Africans, instead of white patriarchial mating rituals …

The divorce industry & abortion,  men have no faith in women

Why date a woman, who’s going to abort your children? Men have no real incentives or needs for women to fulfill

Thanks to abortion, men will never trust women with children

Another key reason men refuse to date women, no incentive in dating a child murderer

Modesty Chastity – Nurturing Feminity

The modesty & chastity of women plays a HUGE role, in men staying clear of women

In my post Is A Hot Chick Feminine or Butch & Masculine? I pointed the more aggressive a woman is sexually, the more masculine she becomes

As pursuing men sexually, is a masculine trait, This is why women have to only dress hot for their husband

One of the key reasons today men arent dating women, is the culture of hotness women parade around in

When women dress hot, for years on end, it makes them masculine

Women need to have a culture of nurturing feminity

This is why its important for women to dress modestly & chaste

The modesty of a womans dress, affects the success of a date, if a woman wants a LTR, dress modestly

It’s easier to find an LTR, when you stop dressing hot in public, dress modestly & serious men will find you

Tight jeans & tops are out, feminine & modesty is alot sexier to beta’s

The hotness of women turns women into whores, & men avoid them like the plague … stop wearing tight jeans & pants

The careerism of women, the desperation of hotness & the cries for womens rights, are all responses to a marriage strike, which started alot longer then previously thought

The industrial age, pretty much free’d men from women

Women will have to either learn to respect & honour men, or the marriage strike will result in the removal of women from society

Technology will replace everything from nursing, to secretarial work, women rely on today, leading to extreme poverty for women

Society has always coped without women, the ghetto’s of women are a testament to the horrors women face, if they dont submit to their husbands, cook clean or stay hot for their husbands


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