The Marriage Strike Women Forced To Create A Hookup Culture & Alpha’s Part 1

Men have alot more power then you think …. The hookup culture in colleges & universities isnt caused by feminism

Society has always coped without women, the poverty of the ghetto’s of unmarried women are a testament to the horrors women face, if they dont submit to their husbands, cook clean or stay hot for their husbands

An ideology cant alter behaviour, there has to be real extenuating incentives to alter a people’s behaviour

This is basically why I laugh at sites, who suggest feminism, an ideology created by batshit crazy whores, who cant find a man to screw over

Feminism is a great evil, it’s effect on people is alot less then the media blatanly lies about

The effects of abortion & the pill, has a far greater effect on women, then the lie’s of lesbians

Women are forced into hooking up with men, because of the marriage strike, no marriage, means no long term relationships for women

In short women are screwed

Women are turning to careers, not because of feminism, but because men refuse to fund their lifestyles

The independence of women is a complete lie

Women are in a state of retreat, from men who refuse to marry them, this is WHY women are forced to get careers

This is why, We see career women dropping their careers, as soon as they find a husband

One of the key dirty secrets of the manosphere, men’s response to a huge lack of incentives to create LTR’s, is the root cause of the marriage strike

Contrary to belief, it’s men who control the dating scene & it’s men who control the relationship’s,if men have zero incentives to create Long Term relationships with women, women have zero say in the matter

Continued in part 2 here :


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