An Introduction to Why Women Cant Stop Sinning, Ladies Stop Exploring Your Sexuality, You’re Exploring Sin

One of the great unanswered questions in Christianity, why are women designed to support men, also what are the spiritual implications of women supporting men

Why can women know spirituality, & morality & god only through the authority & strength of men

A woman who doesnt love the authority of a man, has literally no feminity

This blog is designed to answer that question, its designed to give women the tools, & moral authority & fortitude to know God as God designed women

What you’re seeing is the beginning of a true red pill for women

Christianity is a unique foundation, as women seek morality through man, which in turn leads them to the authority of god

Women approach morality vastly different from men

Men approach morality from a black & white, good bad, view

Women approach morality from a point of authority, as women have no concept of black & white, or good or bad

If something has enough authority, women will believe its moral, for example if something is evil, if it exerts enough authority women believe it to be moral, even though its clearly immoral

This is because God didnt make women whole, god made women incomplete

God made women from the rib of adam

While god made adam complete in his image

This is why women can only reach god through the authority of man

From a secularist point of view, this is explained in my Is There Such a Thing As Emotional Maturity, Bubble Bursting Time post

Basically women dont have the ability to experience the survivability of their environment, which is why they gain maturity through men

Designing a red pill for women is unique, as women use social logic, they use authority & not morality

Also they use men to gain feedback about the world around them

Also women use meniality, that is menial tasks to dominate themselves & teach themselves how to be submissive, this is why women iron, cook & clean

When a strong man isn’t around to dominate them, women default to using social networks to gain feedback on the fitness of their world

The red pill as it stands, is designed for men, while it contains facts about women, it doesnt contain enough to create a structure for women

The core principle of game & pickup, is inner game, men rebuild themselves to be more masculine & dominant

Men literally have to game themselves first, before they can game women

Men game themselves by seeking out competitive environments, which allow them to be masculine & dominant

Women have to create inner game, which allows them to rebuild themselves to be more feminine & submissive

Women game themselves using meniality, that is cooking & cleaning, which allow them to be feminine & submissive

Women also have to learn how to correct their behaviours & hold themselves responsible for their own actions, as a core component of inner game & red pill for women

I’ll also be adding the harsher truths about women, such as hypergamy, limited window of fertility, the extreme risks of dyslexia & autism if women have children at the age of 35+, the dangers of not having their feminity, if they career

The alpha’s who’ll pump & dump them, like moths & the beta’s who they’ll never suspect a hint of alpha

Then theres stuff like hyperacuity, which is unique to my version of pickup, which teaches women how to find the man who wants them

I hope you guys enjoyed the introduction to red pill for women, feel free to typeย in the comments section what you’d like to see added to the red pill & any other feedback, to create a new form of red pill for women


34 thoughts on “An Introduction to Why Women Cant Stop Sinning, Ladies Stop Exploring Your Sexuality, You’re Exploring Sin

  1. “This blog is designed to answer that question, its designed to give women the tools, & moral authority & fortitude to know God as God designed women.”

    I knew there was a good reason for finding you here ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is what your blog holds for me – that you’re prepared to keep women (me) accountable and demand growth.
    Challenging but perceptive truths are scattered throughout your writing and I’m always keen to learn more!
    I am grateful that you are willing to challenge women in a direct way.

    The only area of influence I have beyond my own family is with females – so while I can read and learn from the manosphere about what it teaches men about women, I am not in a position to pass that information on to men IRL.

    I sharpen my arguments against feminism by talking with my husband, my father and reading the Bible. This here is fantastic iron sharpening iron too – thanks so much I really appreciate your effort!

    I look forward to reading more of your insights and sharing them with other females. Thanks again!

    • lol, avoid being so formal, let your hair down & put your feet up
      Consider this blog your home

      When I write these posts, I always hold you & michael in mind

      Your warm comments have enriched this place,& I read with interest about your community & the shenanigans of women in your church

      I saw your intro over at Dalrocks & was impressed with your comments over at SM, you were making serious headway with the ladies over there

      Your comments & friendly writing style, as well as your anger at women, would make for great fodder on a blog

      I’ve been meaning to ask you to create a blog & use it as a repository for your comments & critique against feminism
      As well as, more importantly, instruction for women, it’d be a huge hit

      I know you might not consider, but you’re in a unique position of privilege & you should make the most of it

      Btw would you mind if I emailed you for some feedback, & picked your brains for some future articles on traditions etc., I’d ask here but I dont want to litter the front page with millions of pointless questions lol

      Thanks for your warm comments & questions, I dont think you realise how much theyve influenced the direction of this blog

  2. Hey there, my husband isn’t wanting me interacting in private but I’m happy to have my brains picked here ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps do one post with millions of pointless questions and everyone else will leave it alone?!

    About the blog thanks for the suggestion – what do you see as the unique position of privilege out of interest?

    • lol, I didnt want to talk in private, just a list of questions about your traditional customs, what do you think women need addressing

      As a traditional woman what advice do you think women need

      As a traditionalist, what topics would you like me to cover

      Is your community in a state of growth, does it have its own schools etc

      You have a unique advantage over other mothers, as you’re part of a strong traditionalist community

      The advice & views of a strong traditionalist background, would be a huge help for most women

      I was thinking of a guide blog, on how women should traditionally submit to their husbands

      As well as a critique of women in general

      A traditionalist criticising women, would be a huge hit

      Also I’d recommend sticking to blogs by people like Dalrocks

      The only really good female blogs, are traditionalist like the thinking housewife & lgrobins unmasking feminism,as they come from male traditionalist backgrounds

      This is why I’d highly recommend a blog, your views & traditionalism would be a huge hit, women need to hear what you have to say

  3. Thanks for your advice and I’m now following your blog suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

    What advice do women need to hear?! Where to begin!
    Titus 2
    Titus 2
    Titus 2
    For starters ๐Ÿ™‚
    And they need to understand it’s a MAN’S world because God created it to be.
    They need to learn to be THANKFUL that they’re invited along.
    They need to be taught to be GRATEFUL they have a part to play.
    Perhaps if women’s attitude has a paradigm shift into gratefulness then they will humble themselves and the great fall ahead won’t be necessary.

    Phillipians 4:4
    “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”

    God is just – so we need to learn to have contentment no matter our situation. This is key!

    • … aaaand its comments like this is why you should start a blog

      Put the words & advice you’ve gathered to a wider audience

      Redpill bloggers, such as SunshineMary dont want criticism of women

      Kick some ass, traditional wife style lol

    • I dont think Christians realize that the “two become one”.
      “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam” Gen 5:2
      There is no personal autonomy in union.

    • @Hannah

      Btw I came up with a solution lol

      I was thinking of making a reddit, where we can ask each other questions & throw out idea’s without having to talk in private

      Plus we can get more people to chime in

  4. Sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to comment here several times but wasn’t able so have been absent for that reason – hope you got the mention over at Dalrock? Anyway – seems sorted now and great to be back!

    • I had to think & use alot of braincells to come up with a solution … lol, not easy being a super genius lol

      I didnt see anything on dalrock?

      I really dont see emails as personal, theyre a pretty crummy idea, but I can see why

      Btw reddit has a huge readership, but its filled with trolls … which is why its best to create a new reddit & discuss our ideas there

      I have a sneaky feeling, the reddit might be a bit more popular then we think …

      Anyway the reddit’s alot of fun, it should be interesting to seeing all the convo’s there, smacking down homo loving liberals is great fun lol

      You’re making serious waves over at Dalrocks, holy wow lol, the women over there love that subject

  5. The great thing about using God’s word is that it never returns to Him void ๐Ÿ™‚
    Interesting post at SSM if you have time to read through

        • Wow!!! Please permit my take as your token Jew ๐Ÿ™‚
          SSM post’s is a good example and shows growth of “overcoming” and learning to be a disciple.
          Hannah’s post shows more progress/growth. The wisdom, knowledge, maturity, to walk in the ways of G_D and not the ways of the world (ie “be ye separate”).
          Her and her family have discovered the ancient blessings & joy of the honoring G_D through the Hebrew holidays. This is to honor G_D and Torah – I believe this shows up before HIS throne as a memorial much like Cornelius. G_D always honor those who keep the sabbath & the holy days – be thankful that you have been given this insight – it is rare!

          I know that you and your family are blessed immensely during these celebrations !!!

          BTW, I have this argument a lot with my Christian friends. While they say they are not celebrating them as ancient pagan holidays as such and this is true – they are celebrating non scriptural holidays and missing out on the scriptural holidays ( ie much like opportunity cost )
          As a result, they are missing the blessings of loving the L_RD with all their strength and missing the fellowship with others during these times.

      • No need to apologise! I was just referring to this ๐Ÿ™‚
        Isaiah 55:11

        “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

        • @Hannah

          About the void,

          Hmm, yea it means unfulfilled

          Yea god has a habit of fulfilling stuff around me, an annoying but useful habit on the part of god lol

          The trick is to look out for what he wants to be fulfilled

          God’s sneaky, he comes like a thief in the night … god made ninja’s, making god the ultimate sneaky ninja …

          Sensitise yourself to what needs to be fulfilled, or he has a habit of pulling you back in, & sneakily kicking your ass when you least expect it … sneaky omnipotent omniscient god …

          Getting your ass kicked by an omnipotent sized foot, is no picnic …

          The aerial view, as you get booted up the backside, is very scenic though …

  6. I don’t get it. You write a pua blog, but you’re preaching against sexual sin. It doesn’t make sense. Why not just create a Christian relationship blog?

    I’ve been lurking on the manosphere to help myself become a better Christian woman, but the hypocrisy is getting me frustrated. An interesting example is what happened to Hannah at SSM’s blog.

    SSM preaches about the evils of women preaching to and teaching men. At the same time, she writes a blog where most of her readers are men and she’s always giving them advice and at times throwing scripture at them.

    When Hannah pointed out, in a very respectful manner, that this might not be kosher and SSM should stick to teaching women (which she’s very good at btw) she freaked out and temporarily banned Hannah from commenting.

    Other Christian female bloggers are no better. Either they’re feminists or they’re hypocrites.


    • Yes, you’re right

      This blog will be splitting into two blogs, to avoid this sort of confusion

      I dont advocate christians use alot of the game & pickup

      I’ll be writing a specific guide for them, which doesnt include premarital

      Yes, SSM has a long track record of saying she supports mens rights & stuff, & then back tracks on key issues

      Whats even worse Hannah apologised for actually getting banned …

      I started this blog, as most of the christian advice out there is godawful

      Most of the red pill wife blogs, apply red pill advice, which is designed for men, to women

      I’ll be addressing alot of the issues christian women are facing next week

      Again bear with me, this blog is still new, I’m still getting around to addressing all the issues

      Thanks for the great comment

      • Here are some ideas:

        How to be a more godly woman. Please no tirades on how all women are evil. Advice on how NOT to be evil would be appreciated.

        What can a woman do to make her husband happy. How she should act, respond to him, etc.

        Sex tips for wives. If sex is so important to men, we should know how to please them in that regard. I’m not looking for porn, just practical tips.


        • Thanks, the thing is everybody knows those

          What about things you think most ppl overlook, or dont address

          what new things, should be brought to the table, new idea’s or direction

          btw how bout addressing why men thnk women are evil ..

          also why dont you want men to think women arent evil

          What sort of sex tips, psychological? physical stuff is a bit blase’, men are all about inflicting dominance & pain on women, those are the the real turn ons for men, are you prepared to read stuff like that?

          Being a godly woman is all about realising god never forgives sin against his temple, are you prepared to deal with the repercussions of sins which god never forgives you for?

          Those are some of the stuff i’ll be dealing with, what do think about those issues? Pushing the boundaries & challenging the comfort zones of women, also letting women know, how they harm men are all things most women have a right to know

          You have a right to know how you’re actions harm men

          How can you help men, if you dont know how to avoid causing pain to men

        • Hi Lady Jane,

          I followed rmax here through reading his insights over at Dalrock… his comments were brutal but incisive and although I assumed (perhaps incorrectly because I still don’t know!) that he wasn’t a Christian it seemed particularly interesting that he was closer to the biblical truth of matters at hand than many others professing faith.
          Anyhow – regardless of his whereabouts with God – rmax has got a handle on the way marriage ought to work that falls in line wonderfully with the teachings from Genesis and the Mosaic law and well with the nature of God.
          The most refreshing part for me is that he doesn’t rubbish women’s action and then put it down to ‘hypergamy’ as if nothing can be done about it. In an ironic sense, the guys like rmax that some people must imagine as women-haters are in fact the ones that offer a little hope for the weaker sex.
          Women CAN do better!

          rmax, I am pleased to hear that you’re splitting your blog in two… sounds great! It doesn’t worry me flicking past the pua posts here though – but the separation will mean I can recommend you to others without them being wildly offended ๐Ÿ™‚

          Some thoughts from me on possible topics:

          Men created civilisation – women have destroyed it with their own hands… how can this be restored?
          (yeah not too demanding am I ?!!)

          What is it that men loathe about women in general and what can individual women do to tip the balance in society?

          Men were created with a higher status than women – how should women acknowledge this in their behaviour?

          Men are called on to protect and provide for all of humanity – should women likewise reciprocate to all men with kindness and humility or is this reserved only as a marital dynamic?
          (yes clearly I have strong thoughts on this – please withhold the banhammer?!)

          They say ‘More is Caught than Taught’…
          Mothers are mirrored in their children.
          What ought women be doing to show their respect to men?

          Re: sex. My thought is that it wouldn’t be modest for a man to write sex-tips to women or actually women to women for that matter. Perhaps if you wrote a post specifically to other men on the topic and if a female happened to read it for an ‘inside’ view?!
          I don’t know… that’s obviously just my opinion and not to be construed as judgement or whatever – but I would skip the post myself ๐Ÿ™‚

          Hope I haven’t re-frazzled your brain now!!!

          • Hannah yes, women can do better, thanks for stating that fact so clearly

            We have to make it normal to criticise women, this is the major problem with women today, theyre all living off the laurels of their victimhood

            If women criticised each other, & held each other responsible for their actions, women wouldnt be criticised the way they are today by men

            I’ve never considered offering advice on sex, as most ppl should know all that stuff, its the journey there thats not as easy as it should be

            I’ll address the rest when i get back, back to regenerating brain cells … owie …

  7. Hi Lady Jane – welcome! (I was told to treat this place as my own right?! hehe)
    I hope you stick around – this is certainly an interesting part of the rabbit hole ๐Ÿ™‚

    rmax – enjoy your week de-frazzling and thanks for your thoughts!

    • Go nuts, try not to apologise for getting banned on other peoples blogs, after they pms … lol

      I’m pretty sure you’re hostessing skills at welcoming new people, are legendary …

      Btw you were absolutely right for calling out SSM, that post was ridiculously unfair & biased

  8. “Getting your ass kicked by an omnipotent sized foot, is no picnic ”
    Dude, this is soooo true.
    When are you coming out with a book on game/social cues ? This old man needs some catching up to do.

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