Over 71% of Wives Kill Their Husbands, Stats We Have To Take Notice Of

If you wanted a major reason not to get married this is it … Stats from “What Men Are Saying About Women” article on statistics the police deliberately cover up for women & feminists

For those women who cant be bothered to get a divorce, or dont want the stigma of a divorced woman, they poison the husband, get their boyfriend to murder them, or hire a hitman …

Over 40% of homicides & murders by women are against their husbands … not their boyfriends, not strangers, but their husbands …

The other 30% come from 3rd party crimes, as i stated above, women using their boyfriends, poison etc.

Again, marriage is a huge risk for men, as most women are more then willing to kill of their husbands

This is what the divorce industry does, gives women huge incentives to kill men, avoid women guys, avoid marriage, go overseas where the women see you as men with real rights, screw the divorce & marriage industry, let it sink into a rotting grave, where it belongs.


“On the surface, the Bureau of Justice reports women are the perpetrators in 41 percent of spousal murders

The first mostly-female method is poisoning. The second is the wife hiring a professional killer. The third is the wife persuading a boyfriend to do the killing.

These last two methods, IF discovered, are never listed by the FBI as a woman killing a man. They are listed, rather, as “multiple -offender killings. We only know that IN MULTIPLE-OFFENDER KILLINGS THERE ARE FOUR TIMES AS MANY HUSBAND VICTIMS THAN WIVES, according to the FBI. That is, the 41 percent figure does not include either of those female methods of killing.”

Stats from http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/2013/07/amanda-marcotte-meets-judgybitch-bigot.html


16 thoughts on “Over 71% of Wives Kill Their Husbands, Stats We Have To Take Notice Of

  1. WOW…. Here is a bit of insight from the wisest man that ever lived that is quite interesting and supports the statistics given.
    While the scripture is the bible – the story that goes with it is part of Judaism secondary books.

    Solomon’s saying: “One man among a thousand have I found; but a virtuous woman among all those have I not found.”

    Solomon unhesitatingly pledged himself to prove that he was right. He had his attendants seek out a married couple enjoying a reputation for uprightness and virtue. The husband was cited before him, and Solomon told him that he had decided to appoint him to an exalted office. The king demanded only, as an earnest of his loyalty, that he murder his wife, so that he might be free to marry the king’s daughter, a spouse comporting with the dignity of his new station. With a heavy heart the man went home. His despair grew at sight of his fair wife and his little children. Though determined to do the king’s bidding, he still lacked courage to kill his wife while she was awake. He waited until she was tight asleep, but then the child enfolded in the mother’s arms rekindled his parental and conjugal affection, and he replaced his sword in its sheath, saying to himself: “And if the king were to offer me his whole realm, I would not murder my wife.” Thereupon he went to Solomon, and told him his final decision. A month later Solomon sent for the wife, and declared his love for her. He told her that their happiness could be consummated if she would but do away with her husband. Then she should be made the first wife in his harem. Solomon gave her a leaden sword which glittered as though fashioned of steel. The woman returned home resolved to put the sword to its appointed use. Not a quiver of her eyelids betrayed her sinister purpose. On the contrary, by caresses and tender words she sought to disarm any suspicion that might attack to her. In the night she arose, drew forth the sword, and proceeded to kill her husband. The leaden instrument naturally did no harm, except to awaken her husband, to whom she had to confess her evil intent. The next day both man and wife were summoned before the king, who thus convinced his counsellors of the truth of his conviction, that no dependence can be placed on woman.

  2. @ Mike

    Great post!…….As a Jew I have heard this story many times….but not as we “read it” here. The way I always heard this story was in a “Synagogue” point of view….not from a Manospherian or Red Pill Point of view. I have a new found respect for this story. King Solomon should know what he was talking about….after all he had 700 wives!….L*

  3. Oh the scripture is rather insightful many topics hypoagency (Abraham & Sarah, Jacob & Rachel), feral women (Jezabel). Coquetry between David & Abigail as well as David & Bathsheba.
    If you really know the Pentateuch – the book of Jasher is a insightful read and highly recommended – it really “fleshes” and helps connect the dots.

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  5. Most misleading article title ever ;).

    By the way, I responded to your assertions on my blog a month ago. It would be cool for you to respond back and defend your position 🙂

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the reminder, the wordpress comments tracker is flaky to say the least

      As for the title, I was going to label it Over 71% of Murders By Wives Kill Their Husbands, also it was a late night post, & to be fair, marriage is a slow death committed by 71% of women

      • That title still doesn’t make sense. How about an intelligent, sensible one like “71% of murders of married men are committed by their wives”. Still not accurate, in fact far from it, but more grammatically correct at least.

  6. You really, really need to do better research to back up your “facts”. I don’t recall any time in history where laws had to be passed to protect men from violence against women, but nearly every developed nation has had to pass laws to protect women from violence by men. I wonder why this is? Maybe it’s possible that every single crime reporting system in all these countries is just completely wonky, and these are just random statistics that some worn out and obsolete computer decided to spit out? I think there is a much better explanation, though. I read through some of your other articles (the one about women over 30 being expired goods is absolutely fantastic! I seriously don’t know why you’ve not been nominated for a Pulitzer yet. Must be decided on by women, I suppose.) and I can only come to the conclusion that the reason you are so bitter against so many women for some unknown reason is because you were born with extremely small genitalia… or maybe it was the steroids that caused it? Maybe that was it, since you seem to be obsessed with the whole “diet and supplement” rubbish that most muscleheads in the gym love to load themselves up with. Either way, I don’t know and I personally don’t care. The less you date, the more women there are for those of us that know that women are wonderful, amazing beings with an immense capacity for love. You are a repulsive, repugnant, useless little twat who really needs to get a clue about life, and how things work in the real world. How about focusing on something relevant to all of us? Like maybe how to develop the world’s first sarcasm font?


    A man with more sense (and access to the cookie jar) than you’ll ever have

  7. 71% of wives kill heir husbands? That is incorrect and misleading.


    This is of a sample of 12,996 murder victims, 5,724 of which the relationship was unknown. Obviously there are many more married couples. In 2010 (the year these stats were taken) there were 60.38 million married couples. Gay marriage only recently became legal in all US states so you have to assume that the majority of those couples are heterosexual.

    So most married women are NOT murdering their husbands. I think you guys are making a mountain out of a molehole.

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