Marriage Devestates & Destroys Men Part 1

Even if marriage laws were solved …

The problem is marriage is a one sided contract

All women who marry, marry a alpha beta paradigm, not a man …

This creates an extreme one sided relationship …cropped-puritansfashion.jpg

The man is emotionally committed to the relationship, but the woman is only biologically committed as long as he remains alpha

This creates an emotionally satisfying relationship only for the woman, but the man is never able to lower his guard & build a relationship, which satisfies all his needs, as he has to be alpha all the time, in order to keep the wife

This forces the husband to become distant & walled off from the family

Also women have obscene personalty defects & are extremely dysfunctional

Women are never taught to self correct their hypergamy, irrational & illogical behaviour

Also women are never taught to hold themselves responsible for their own actions

This causes her to shit test, throw hysterics & fits

Which she expects the husband to correct, instead of correcting her own irrational & hamster behaviour

This creates a highly hostile environment for the husband, & causes him huge amounts of distress having to deal with a woman, who’s never been taught how to have a relationship with a man

Also whats even worse The man brings all the resources, the woman just brings her vagina & her womb

Traditional marriage & monogamy has to be made satisfying for men

Even women like Sunshine Mary refuse to see men need sex at least once a week …

Thats how little women value mens rights in a marriage, all women want is an alpha to biologically attach to

All marriages are just a biological attachment for the wife

Even this biological attachment runs out after 5 years, as the hormones keeping her attached to the husband, ie oxcytocin decline

This biological attachment is reinforced by the husband having to constantly correct her hysterics, her fits & irrational behaviour

This biological attachment requires the husband to constantly satisfy her biological demands, if he fails, she falls out of love & eventually divorce

This biological attachment basically prevents the woman from building a relationship with the man, creating a highly dysfunctional relationship, which only benefits the woman …

Also women very rarely go out of their way to give a crap about a mans rights in a marriage


3 thoughts on “Marriage Devestates & Destroys Men Part 1

  1. Nice post… I like your perspective very much!

    Man provides and protects those he loves. He is willing to trade freedom for the love of one woman. In return, I believe that woman needs to:

    Recognise she is joining HIS world.
    Drop her needs/demands/expectations and commit to making HIS world a better place for HIM.

    Be attractive and desirable to him.

    Be sexually interested and available to him every day.

    Be kind and sweet and make the home a safe haven from the world
    (ie: read up on warnings in the Bible about the contentious woman and endeavour NOT to be that woman!)

    This so excruciatingly simple it defies logic that it goes so horribly wrong…. but I know it does. For my part, I bring the truth above to every and any woman I have a halfway deep conversation with 🙂

    Oh and I tell girls the best thing she can bring to a man is her youth, beauty and purity . So I promote young and virginal marriage – telling girls to re-prioritise their ‘career’ focus….
    Wildly popular information 🙂

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