Progressive Dads Who Dont Spank Their Kids, Become Aggressive & Violent

Interesting article, dads who dont spank their kids, the kids act out in school, trying to create the discipline they dont have at home …

“New research shows that now up to 25% of kids are never spanked, so it’s a fair question: How are they turning out? Are they turning out better? Surprisingly, they’re not.”

What she discovered was another shocker: those who’d been spanked just when they were young—ages 2 to 6—were doing a little better as teenagers than those who’d never been spanked. On almost every measure.

My thoughts jump immediately to the work of Dr. Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, whom we wrote about in NurtureShock. Schoppe-Sullivan found that children of progressive dads were acting out more in school. This was likely because the fathers were inconsistent disciplinarians; they were emotionally uncertain about when and how to punish, and thus they were reinventing the wheel every time they had to reprimand their child. And there was more conflict in their marriage over how best to parent, and how to divide parenting responsibilities.


2 thoughts on “Progressive Dads Who Dont Spank Their Kids, Become Aggressive & Violent

  1. So little correlation. Inconsistent or bad parenting leads to misbehavior, whether or not spanking is used. There are so many parenting factors, you can’t say that the spanking is what led to only a slight difference.

    • Theres alot more factors I havent gone into yet

      But spanking & physical punishment is crucial for children, as theyre brains arent developed, they need physical reinforcement

      Also girls & boys, especially girls need to be taught physical reinforcement

      as this builds resistance to stress & builds a backbone, allowing them to start using advanced coping skills such as delayed gratification, without the focus on the discomfort helicopter’d & undisciplined children dont have a tolerance for

      Children raised in absolute comfort, arent very good at dealing with the discomforts of delayed gratification or extreme levels of discipline

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