A Reply To Mike Singer On Prostitutes & Promiscous Women are Outcastes, God Will Never Forgive Them – A Two Part Series

Mike Singer asks my views on Mary who washed the feet of Yahshua.

Prostitutes & women with higher partner counts then 5 or 6, are outcastes & damned

These women should be dragged out of churches & kicked out onto the streets

Most christian men, are innocent & celibate, they deserve holy chaste women & virgins

Theyre biology is unable to bond to a man or the child’s in their womb, which is why we have abortion

The outcaste & damned women commit abortion, god has forsaken them, which is why they kill theyre own children, these women know theyre damned by god

There is no forgiveness for the damned & outcaste, get used to it ladies … your body your choice … you chose damnation live with it

Women with higher partner counts then 5 or 6, are pure evil, they’re heathens & damned, god will never forgive them …

God offer two ways for sin, forgiveness, or reconciliation

There is no morality in forgiveness, contrary to belief most people shouldnt be forgiven, as forgiveness is too complex for most people, as forgiveness requires extremes amounts of purity & holyness

All sins are a form of strength, it takes strength & a determined mind to do something which you know is not right

A small sin will cause you to stop a larger sin, small mistakes prevent from making bigger mistakes

Reconciliation is the preferred approach, learn to recognise the strengths & determination which caused you to sin, & redirect the strength to stop yourself from sinning

This is why sin is in fact a form of strength, yes repentance is necessary, but if you repent & have no reconciliation you have no hope

Learn to find the strength in your sin, reconciliation allows you to recognise the strength in your smaller sins

Reconciliation allows you to learn from the consequences of your actions, this is how you find strength from your sin

The paganisation of christianity, doesnt want you to find strength in the consequences of your actions …

Keeping that in mind lets move onto Mary & Mike Singers excellent question …

The only way for Mary to atone for her sins, is through a man

Continued in part 2 here :https://rmaxgenactivepua.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/a-reply-to-mike-singer-on-prostitutes-promiscous-women-are-outcastes-god-will-never-forgive-them-part-two/


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