Comment Of The Day: Plus My Own Usual Insightful Bonus Rant – All Monotheistic Religions Are Violent, Because They Have No Plurality Of Spirituality

A brilliant observation by Ayaan Hirsi, on monotheistic religions, the Jews,  Christians, Muslims, are all violent religions

This is a fascinating observation …

The concept of a singular god, is exclusionary by principle, as they have no plurality of spirituality

While the plurality of religion, in stark contrast to the Jews, Christians, Muslims, dont really have a history of violence, such as Budhism, Hinduism, Zen Astroism Taoism etc.

This is important to understand, as the plurality of religion, allows you to access a wider range of philosophies & ideals, then a monotheistic religion based on a singular god

You dont see Budhist monks who spend years in meditation, trying to launch a crazy ass Jihad on everyone who doesnt star in a badly overdubbed kung fu flick …

Or launch crusades against Holy Lands mentioned in a century old, dusty moth ridden book …

Or try to invade & conquer countries through using Usury & banking systems, & attack western gentiles using homosexuality, lesbianism, feminism & marxism, as the Jews have been doing for centuries

Essentially monotheism monoatomises spirituality, severely limiting the philosophical scope of the religion, while presenting the severely limited dumbed down monotheistic ideology, as some sort of holy truth

Essentially a strait jacket, compared to other religions who dont require a singlular persona as a form of adulation

The stark reality is, all monotheistic religions create fanaticism, precisely because of the extremely dumbed down message of monotheism all based on worshipping an almighty singular god

This creates everything from fundamentalist Gay poster waving fundamentalists, to crazed Jews bulldozing Palestines, to Muslims defending their homes from crazy fanatical feminists & secularists hellbent on introducing homosexuality & destroying the traditional family structure present in those states

In much the same way Christian fundamentalists have defended themselves from the attack of feminists & secularists, in a bid to keep their structures of family alive

The fanaticism, the monotheism & the limited scope of the religion makes it ridiculously easy for competing ideologies to take over & over take their communities

Which is the whole point of monotheism, its an easily socially engineered, easily destroyed form of spirituality



One thought on “Comment Of The Day: Plus My Own Usual Insightful Bonus Rant – All Monotheistic Religions Are Violent, Because They Have No Plurality Of Spirituality

  1. The monotheistic religions are violent because Jehovah is a volcano-god. Slow to anger, terrible in his fury, he shakes the pillars of the earth, his mouth is a consuming fire, smoke issueth from his nostrils, etc etc etc – volcano god. Hell is simply the belly of God.

    The monotheistic faiths are about appeasing his terrible and unpredicable anger of God by making up and following a bunch of OCD rules that never quite manage to please him, so you have to make up even more rules and hope they work.

    That’s the root of everything nasty about the Abrahamic religions. Volcano god.

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