Quick Preview Of My New Upcoming Post : You Dont Need Welfare Or Socialism If You Have A Large Nuclear Family

You dont need welfare or socialism, if you have a strong nuclear family

As a nuclear family negates the need for outside intervention, such as a welfare state

Destitution & poverty are all taken care of by family members

If a family member falls into poverty, an uncle or aunt, or a relative is there to help the family member back on their feet,

The family takes care of their own, so effectively to the point of removing poverty & destitution

A government & a welfare state is completely unnecessary when you have a society filled with large healthy nuclear families

The whole point of welfare, is to break up the nuclear family, so mothers dont need a husband & children dont need a biological bond

The nuclear family is so effective, its probably the most sustainable structure we have of maintaining society & a civilisation

Not government

In fact government is completely unnecessary in a society filled with strong healthy nuclear families

Which is why homosexuality is so widely promoted in our society, as homosexuals & single mothers are incapable of growing large groups of nuclear families, which negate the need for government …

There is hope however, as biology is alive & well, already fighting the destruction of the nuclear family, as well as the welfare state, in the very cities & communities we live in

Biology is the hope, we’ve been waiting for …

Continued tomorrow, when I have the time to actually sit down & work through the ideas for this post …


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