It Isnt Science Which Drives Society, Its Male Only Spaces Which Technologically Drives Society To New Heights On A Daily Basis

Alot of my views seem to confer with traditionalism, mainly because most traditionalist views on women were made in male only spaces, without the filter of women

Also alot of the traditionalist views are biologically irrefutable, such as the serial monogamy of women, importance of virginity as a womans vagina is notoriously diseased, & a over 70% rate of contracting std’s gonorrhea etc., in comparison to men

Also theres my infamous observation, women are only capable of being impregnated by one man at a time, proving women are not biologically designed or optimised to be promiscous

That quote got me quote mined over at futrelle …

My point in that quote, women arent optimised for promiscuity, men on the other hand, are built from the ground up to be promiscous

Men are incredibly designed to be promiscous, in fact a mans biological ability to be promiscous is a Biological Marvel

Men are designed to REPOPULATE entire civilisations, entire countries, entire planets, while a woman is only capable of one child at a time …

In fact one man HAS repopulated entire civilisations … Genghis Khan

Women are basically a biological obsolescence waiting to happen

Again none of the above knowledge handed down throughout many generations, would have been created if it werent for male only spaces

Science isnt really about the gained externalisation of reality

It’s about the observation male only spaces have on reality

Science isnt about how our world works, science is really all about the advances male only spaces have on reality


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