QuickPost: The Not So Appetising Reality Of Sex With Diseased Modern Women

This is why you avoid penetrating a local whore, try & hold on to your lunch  …

How many warm dicks do you want inserted in your girls vagina before you bang her? 10-20?

How much old ass cheese semen, sperm & spunk do you want encrusted in a chicks vagina before you bang her?

Let us know after you’ve finished vomiting at the thought of what a diseased whore’s vagina really looks like …

Enjoy wiping off the last 10 guys she slept with, all that old ass cheese & semen off your dick, after you bang your diseased filth ridden encrusted whore …

Let us know when your penis falls off from std’s gonorrhea & venereal disease …

Enjoy vomiting up your lunch after inserting your dick in that diseased filth ridden hole …

In short Contrary to belief women arent designed to whore around with multiple men …

A vagina which builds up & collects sperm & spunk, basically turning into a dried up rotting cheese sperm filled hole over time

Basically a diseased venereal hole, proves women arent designed to whore around with 100’s of men …

Just dont expect basic biology 101 to convince the average feminist or vagina worshipping mangina … just how dangerous it is for women to sleep around with hundreds of men

Then again any concern about holding modern women responsible for their health, is seen as oppression by mangina’s & radical male hating women …

Also note, the vast majority of women in everything from porn, to prostitution dont use condoms, as condoms have been proven to be next to useless at providing protection from stds & even basic disease’s …

A piece of plastic covering the most sensitive part of your anatomy isnt going to deter std’s & bacteria, smaller then a micron

Just another basic fact, they dont tell children at your local sex ed class …


3 thoughts on “QuickPost: The Not So Appetising Reality Of Sex With Diseased Modern Women

    • Yea, I did the maths on how to approximate a chicks n count a while back

      It runs into the 100’s by the time they hit 30 …

      I was low balling in context …

      It’s on my to do list, calculating a chicks n count

      It’s all to do with access to sociopaths, not alpha’s

      Alpha’s dont bang all the 6’s & 5’s & below, as they only go for the top 20% of women

      Also most beta’s dont even go for 6’s & 5’s, theyd rather go celibate then have to bang a warpig … lol

      The only guys deranged enough to bang average looking chicks, are sociopaths

      This is essentially why so many average & ugly looking chicks are so dysfunctional

      All these chicks bang sociopathic loosers, for years

      Also its no coincidene most manginas are sociopaths, from years of white knighting for ugly chicks

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