How Women Control Society, Label Men Who Dont Benefit Women, As Psychologically Unfit

Great comment over at PMAFT, how women demonise everyone from children to boys, to men, who dont directly benefit a womans biological imperative

“Women pathologize any male behaviour or characteristic that doesn’t benefit them directly.

Rumbunctious young boys have ADD, unnatractive men are dangerous weirdos, shy men are creepy, unnatentive men are narcissists, confident men who won’t requite their advances are players,

Traditional men are domineering, men who approach women out of their ‘league’ are harrasers, men who don’t appreciate curves are descriminators, smart men who won’t share the spoils are aspergers, etc.”

This is similar to the exact same techniques used by marxists in communist russia, labelling any dissidents, as mentally ill

Could marxists have got alot of their policies by observing how women demonise & attack men?

The similarity isnt surprising, as feminism is marxism, it retains the blood of millions murdered by marxists in communist russia

Similar to millions of men in modern day gulags, for refusing to pay child support, alimony etc

Enslaving & marginalsing men, for being masculine is just another example of how women control society, using rhetoric & dialogue & hysteria, & of course portraying themselves as victims of men who refuse to kow-tow to them …

























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