Why Do All Soft Sciences & Academia Infested With Women, Attack Men On a Daily Basis

Only a female infested field attacks young boys for being masculine …

Just more proof women’re a danger to children without a male to over see them

Case in point, a vast majority of the soft sciences, which most women major in, also seem to attack men & children on a daily basis

ie. Biology mens toestosterone dropping, more effeminate, endless junk science on how housewives are more stressed etc

Psychology all high i.q men are nerds, autistic,dyslexic, idiotic claims of all high i.q men in tech fields  etc..

Sociology all men are deadbeats, a danger to society, even though men pay over 72% of all taxes in most countries, while women only pay around 20%

None of the fields dominated by women actually state how men benefit society.  But in fact out right lie & portray women as victims of men

When in fact its women who prey on men, by violating their civil liberties & implement illegal laws, such as child support & alimony

Pretty much all science’s & academia women infest, seem to attack men

Not just feminism …

Feminism looks more & more like harnessing, the natural hate women have for men, & turning it into a sociological ideology, a blueprint & haven for women who hate young innocent boys & hard working men

This is essentially what happens when you feed a womans voracious appetites, for thugs & assholes, & encourage their std infested whoredom

Women start using all the outlets & advantages society has to offer, as doorways to attack men & abort & murder millions of children

Just more proof well-known held beliefs are really ways of covering up the stark truth

Women arent sugar & spice, they are & always have been, the barbarians at the gate

Men have always civilised women


3 thoughts on “Why Do All Soft Sciences & Academia Infested With Women, Attack Men On a Daily Basis

  1. A german blog (sons of Perseus?) made a good point:

    men always were SLAVES. Forced military service is slavery. Men were forced to to military service for most of history.

    Nowadays forced alimony, under threat of debtor’s prison, clearly is indentured slavery, with no way out for 20 years.

  2. Thats a great point, I’ve always said women are prostitutes for government designed to extract as much wealth as they can for government

    Your essentially renting out a prostitute from the government whenever you sleep with a woman

    Also alimony as you point out is the correct term, as all child support is alimony

    Child support is nothing more then a more socially acceptable name to extract alimony from men

    Women are basically a modern day pressgang prostitute, forcing men into indentured servitude if he’s not smart enough to use her just as a prostitute

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