Quick Post: My Response To A Batshit Chick Blogger Complaining About The Size of Mens Peckers

My response to a vacous braindead chick blogger,  no I’m not linking her blog … Sometimes I just cant help troll the average braindead feminist infected slut …

Anyway I slammed her just the way braindead feminists like it, hard …

“Dear braindead feminist slut ..

Women who use the word, teeny peckers, usually have huge cavernous vaginas from years of being pounded

A woman overcompensating for her huge cavernous hole …

Go do some kegels, or staple the ginormous, huge saggy cavernous folds in your vagina …

Target has special vagina stapling gear … pick some up …

Hell, pick up a diy hymen scratch & sniff, while you’re at it …

You’re future pitch fork, amish husband always appreciates a woman who knows how to staple on her own hymen … ”





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