Women Cant Develop Empathy & Care For Men, If They Marry a Man

Womens increasingly enabled inclination to work & co-operate with men, thanks to massive advances in technology, has basically been hijacked & displaced by the ingrained hatred women have for male sexuality & his refusal to be a social status whore

This is essentially why women cant stand nerds, & guys who dont know how to generate the relevant social attraction through social cues, when interacting with women

Also most women are so feral & primitive, it requires huge amounts of social dominance to get a woman to commit exclusively to him, ie huge amounts of asshole behaviour & basically behave like a crazed sociopathic thug, just to get the average whore to commit exclusively to him …

Most christian women, unknown to most christians, spend over 10 years whoring around with crazed sociopathic thugs from their teens, hence the insane divorce rates in christian churches

Decent honest guys, who dont have a traditional MASCULINE, male dominated, social structure, to guide them & prepare them for the predatory nature of women, are routinely used by hordes of feral STD infected whores & skanks

If women want to have children, they have to pay for their children, out of their own pocket

That is save up 20 or 30k, enough to take a few years off work & pay for the childs expenses on their own

Yes Women have to save out of their own pocket, to have children, horrifying for the average 1st world whore …

Women have to wean themselves off begging for handouts from men

Women have been doing this naturally for years now, thanks to advances in a technologically advanced society

But as modern womens continued hatred for mens sexuality & men refusing to play the social roles of consumerism, which is really the root cause & radically getting in the way of women co-operating & working with men

Women cant develop empathy & care for men, if they marry men

Women have to learn how to value men, by saving their own cash & savings & paying for their own children

You can only have empathy & care when you’ve earned & lived & recognised the struggle, men go through to make ends meet

Marriage, that is a free house, a free mortgage, everything paid for without having to lift a finger or earn a penny, only makes women more sociopathic & actually radically doesnt allow women to have any empathy for men

Marriage & begging for handouts is THE main driving force & factor, for women not to have any empathy for men, whatsoever

You cant appreciate what you dont earn

You cant appreciate a house, if you dont earn it

You cant appreciate your own children, if you get them for free

The sociopathy of women, perpetuated by the ingrained daily hatred of women for men … not feminism


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