Single Mothers & StayAtHome Mothers All Designed To Enslave Families To Government

It is an indisputable fact, families really only work under highly fixed biological conditions

Whats even worse today, everything from our food supply to our water supply, is unusable, filled with pesticides, contaminated & highly toxic

Single mothers & stayathome mothers are both unsuitable for raising families & children, as they both deprive & rob children of their father, forcing him to work 8 hours a day with no contact with the children

The fact is, both father & mother have to be present at home, to raise children

Singlemothers & stayathome mothers are really highly abnormal dysfunctional families, as the most vital component of a family is not there, the father

The only way to allow both parents to wholistically raise children, is to create a sustainable environment, where the family controls their own food supply & water supply & electrical power

A basic fact, raising a family in the city, is a highly unsustainable environment,  enslaves both the father & mother to government

Cities were only meant to be temporary areas for employment, for young couples, until the couple could afford a farm of their own, making them highly independent & highly sustainable

ie free from government

A farm forms the basis for a family, as only a farm can provide the correct structure & system to raise a child

All cities are nothing but highly oppressive slave camps, designed to create slavery

All families should make getting out of the city, & getting a farm, their number one priority

So they can both stay at home, & provide the correct environment, free from the slavery of the city

People today are so enslaved, they dont see any problem with the man having no contact with the family & slaving away 8 hours a day

All families today are raised in enslavement, this is the real root cause of highly destructive hate supremacy movements, such as feminism, liberalism, & the disposable male

All enslaved families become increasingly emasculated & oversocialised, generationally

Seen clearly, black slaves turned docile & effiminate after generations of being in enslavement

We’re seeing the exact same generational effects of enslavement on regular families today

Centuries of slaving away for governments & corporations, emasculates men, basically men no longer able to stand up to government, leading to the rise of hate supremacy movements such as feminism & worship of governments also known as liberalism

This in turn leads to highly abnormal dysfunctional, methods of raising children, single mothers & stayathome mothers, leading to the enslavement of the family to government

When a father works all day, he has no authority in the home, this leads to government taking over the authority of the father in the home, causing the family to run by the dictates & rules of government

Not the beneficial authority & leadership of the father, causing the family to become enslaved to government

Sustainable environments, such as farms which allow both parents to be both stay at home, & have their own food supply, is the only real way to raise children …

Put the father BACK in the home, where he belongs, depriving a father of his children is a crime, children need their father



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