Basic Facts About Women: Women Arent Brainwashed By Feminists, Basically Highly Privileged Modern Women Accustomed To Leeching Off Men, Incited To Violence Against Men

This posts inspired by a rant over at the highly controversial & brilliant, Men-factor

He observes, women arent brainwashed by feminism, women are basically too hateful against men in general

No shit, women’ve had over 200 years of insane privilege, where women were believed to be so pure & perfect, they couldnt be convicted of murder, or assault for centuries …

Women’ve always been a highly violent, privileged leisure class against men, hence the insane laws women’ve enacted today …

Only a highly violent, privileged leisure class like women, could enact a law which illegally robs a man of his house, & then demands even more cash to pay for the house she stole from the husband …

The whole point of feminism is to turn women into a highly violent, privileged leisure class

Which is precisely what happened to ignorant black women, over 70% of ALL black children are aborted, ie over 70% of black women murder their children …

My response is basically its violent male hating women, incited to violence, who’ve literally spent centuries leeching off men & parasiting off men, through marriage …

All the while claiming they were too fragile or pure to do any real hard labour or real work

In the 1800’s when women used to work in coal mines, rich white women actually formed groups claiming they were too fragile & unladylike for fragile creatures like women, to do the same jobs as men … ie coal mining

Even though most women can easily handle a small pickaxe, or work the even back then, mostly automated pully driven carts & buggies …

The downhill spiral of women, & the current culture of women refusing to do any real work today …

The majority of women today work part-time, or cushy jobs such as secretarial or nursing, journalism, PR & Advertising

& the facist orwellian HR, human resources, designed to police mens work places & terrorise men trying to earn a living for their families

Over 200 years of insane privilege for women, ensued from those heady days of the 1800’s when women actually worked fields, mines & farms, alongside the incredible hard working men

Of course its ridiculously easy to incite to violence, women who’ve literally spent 200 years leeching & parasiting off men

Nobody hates their slaves more, then the slavemaster

Nobody grows more entitlement & privilege then a slavemaster

Women are nothing but a highly violent, privileged leisure class, funded & designed to attack working class men

This is why why women arent brainwashed by feminism …



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