Are There Any Differences Between Single Mothers & Stayathome Mothers ? Are They Both Flawed Methods of Raising Children?

A single mother is in fact a stayathome mom, as most single mothers dont work & stayathome

A stayathome mom, is really a surrogate single mother, as the husband is literally never there, he only gets to see the kids 1 or 2 hours a day

A married father basically gets to see the kids, the same amount as a man conned into paying child support at the end of a gun, by the police

Women massively lower the quality of life for a child

As women are useless at raising kids without the supervision of a man

Women dont have the authority or leadership of a man, women are terrible at instilling leadership & dominance & confidence necessary to create a successful child

Women are terrible at developing competitive &  highly resilient children through discipline

Women are also responsible for destroying childrens health,

As women see snacks & junk food as toys, not giving health destroying sweets & crisps to a child is seen as depriving children of a toy …

Theres a massive disconnect between a wife who uselessly puts the kids in front of the tv, only cleans the house for an hour, only cooks food for an hour & spends the rest of the day on the phone, or in front of the tv

While the man spends the whole day slaving away blood & sweat in a cubicle …

The biggest similarity between a single mother & a house wife, they both lower the quality of life of society & the family

Single mothers massively lower the quality of life of society, by raising highly feral undisciplined children & leeching off society

Stayathome mothers massively lower the quality of a family, by trying to equate the useless 2 hours of housework, to the massive 24 hours, 7 days a week back breaking work a man goes through

A woman only contributing 2 or 3 hours of housework, massively lowers the quality of life, as it forces the man to work back breaking hours, just to cover the useless mortgage & expenses of the woman

Both single mothers & stayathome mothers deprive children of a father, making them both flawed for raising children

A father who works 6 or 7 gruelling back breaking hours day, is not able to be a father, he is in fact a common slave

A man who has to resort to working insane hours, too tired to function as a father & only see’s his children 2 hours a day, is a highly flawed method for raising children


7 thoughts on “Are There Any Differences Between Single Mothers & Stayathome Mothers ? Are They Both Flawed Methods of Raising Children?

    • It isnt really a question of parenting arrangements, its more of a environment to raise the children issue

      But for the record, the ideal parenting arrangement is for both parents to stay at home

      If the father isnt at home, the family becomes highly dysfunctional & fragmented

      If you cant afford for the father to stay at home, relatives such as grandfathers or uncle’s should regularly visit the children every week, to provide a strong male influence

      Women need a constant male presence, even if its from relatives, to raise children correctly, to provide the necessary stability to raise a highly healthy family

      • Very few couples can afford the luxury of both staying home, only those of independent wealth, which makes up a very small proportion of Westerners. Having other male relatives to mentor would be beneficial in any arrangement, but again, not everyone has that.

        For the record, I don’t agree with your generalization that half the world’s population is unfit to parent. However, hypothetically following your conclusion that men should stay home with their children because women can’t provide a healthy environment, wouldn’t it make sense for the women to go out to work instead?

        • Actually I make the generalisation, half the worlds population are unfit to parent on their own

          Biologically children need both parents at home

          I also stated if you cant afford to stay athome, then relatives should be a priority such as grandparents, uncles to fill in the gap, if the father cant stay at home

          Enslaving both men & women to corporations is wrong

          Both men & women should be growing their own family businesses, not shackled slaving away to a corporation

          But yes, if you cant afford it, its women who should be working, as men statistically are far safer for children

          A 10 yr old child is statistically 60-70% more likely to be physically abused & raped by a woman

          In fact I routinely see women verbally abusing their children every day on the streets, supermarkets etc

          Ive never seen a father verbally or psychologically abusing their children in public as viciously as women routinley do on a daily basis,

          As most men dont take crap from children personally, or get emotional on a dime

          In short men know the difference between a child & an adult, most women dont, hence the higher amount of abuse by women

  1. Industrialization of society brought a host of problems as currently seen in 100 years later. The highest quality of life across the board is a “agricultural ” for healthy development of individuals, family, and community.

    • Regardless, if you’re male and know how to play your cards right, this feminist society is beneficial, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Feminism brought about the best possible solution males have sought for ages, albeit to greatest costs to society’s structure and even existence.

      • Some guy, great comment & you’re correct, feminism has free’d millions of men from slavery to women,

        & as a result a much higher degree of freedom from government

        Marriage in cities & industrialised states, are always slaves to government

        Antipas is also correct, his excellent comment on agricultural life

        That is a complete sustainable environment, where you control your own food supply, water & electricity, is the only way to raise a family

        All other forms of raising families are highly dysfunctional, exploiting & enslaving men to elites & aristocrats, while destroying the bonds of the father to the family

        It is a sad state for men, families are made dysfunctional through the deprivation of the father, as he slaves away in coal mines, sewers & risks his life as disposable

        Great & insightful comments guys

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