New Post, rMaxd is officially Back: All Womens Mental Illnesses Are Really Feral States Created By A Lack Of Spanking A Woman & Manly Dread Game

One of the most misunderstood factors, women dont become mentally ill, women become more feral

Women dont become mentally ill, the epidemic of women on medication, are really women becoming more feral, due to a lack of strong masculine male macho role models in their lives

As doctors dont recognise, the need for women of strong masculine men, they classify the biological desperation for a strong masculine presence in their life, as a mental illness

Societies refusal to acknowledge the incredible biological attachment to strong masculine men women innately have, is literally creating millions of feral women, doped up on pharmaceutical versions of speed & crack …

Unfortunately …

As women have no real moral agency, or responsibility, their feral primitive behaviour is routinely classified as mental behaviour, so as to allow them to continue to prey on men, & ruin gullible unaware men, of course PUA’s & gamers know mentally ill women arent ill, in fact theyre really feral …

This is also why mentally ill patients are let loose on the population, it’s all about the mentally ill preying on the population …

Most forms of physical punishment works wonders on feral women, in the same way it works wonders on delinquents & the transient child

Also just like the teenage or 6 year old girl, women crave physical punishment, as they know they need boundaries set by a masculine man

Spanking & slapping women, when they cross the line, works wonders with feral bitchy women, slap a woman in private if she steps out of line, its what she’s craving & the main reason she’s stepping out of line …

Chronic depression is really a woman craving 10 minutes of alpha, unable to satisfy her biological perogative

Bipolar a massive diagnosis on literally 70-80% of all modern women, is really a desperation of having no forms of highly aggressive dominant male authority,  to put her in place & remind her of the need to be submissive to a dominant authoritarian man

The lack of a strong macho masculine father figure, literally destroys both boys & girls, but also dramatically creates highly feral women at a young age

Women rely on men to teach them how to handle their irrational emotional behaviour & correct themselves, by being submissive & feminine to a dominant authoritarian male figure

Submissiveness is really a technique women use to suppress their irrational emotional behaviour, & while their irrational emotional behaviour is successfully  suppressed they refer to the dominant authoritarian male figure as a guide to how to be moral & ethical

Submissiveness is basically the successful suppression of a womans irrational illogical personality, by serving a strong highly dominant male figure

When women arent able to hold onto a powerful alpha, they become depressed, unable to cope

When they dont experience a strong macho male, women become increasingly desperate, resorting to highly toxic feral behaviour, which routinely gets confused for bipolar disorder

Women become more feral, when they dont have a strong male figure to serve

Of course society doesnt want women to know, a woman can only be happy & satiated serving at the feet of a man … it’s deliberately designed to create feral women, as mentally ill women are used to prey on men by society

Society is really about perverting the basic biology of women, so women prey on men, instead of taking a stand & thanking & respecting the men in their lives … & serving at the feet of a strong masculine authority as a man

It’s a privilege for a woman to serve at the feet of  a strong masculine man, something a woman cant afford to admit

It’s this concept of not being able to serve strong masculine men, which makes most women highly feral & toxic


4 thoughts on “New Post, rMaxd is officially Back: All Womens Mental Illnesses Are Really Feral States Created By A Lack Of Spanking A Woman & Manly Dread Game

  1. Btw, this consequences of this feral behavior in society and the church is due to disobeying the commandments.
    Their is one NT commandment that is overlooked and grossly mis-interpreted and it has to do with “head coverings and symbol of authority”. Any guy who serious Christian guy who thinks he has a serious Christian girl should check out 1 Cor 11:1-16 noting vs 10. This a NT commandment that is referenced in the OT many times.
    Going to church with a head veil or scarf is seriously humbling for any woman who claims to be “spiritual”. Ask a pastor about this one and why this isn’t taught – this is a instant feminism killer.

    • Yes, totally agree, women achieve spirituality through being submissive

      Men achieve spirituality through being dominant

      This is why god gave man dominance over the earth

      Also traditions & customs of headscarves, covering the head, not speaking in church & preventing from preaching, reinforces womens lower status in society

      This is important as it prevents women from becoming hypergamous & stops women from seeking out richer wealthier men, it also dramatically increases their satisfaction when serving the husband & their families

      Basically there are no traditional customs or rituals to prevent women from becoming hypergamous

      This is the REAL reason women are so promiscous & ride the carousel

      Their hypergamy becomes so out of control, they start jumping from man to man, to try & satisfy their out of control hypergamy

      Of course the only way to completely satisfy their hypergamy, is by covering their heads & openly admitting they’re lower status to men

      This will dramatically destroy their hypergamous need to sleep around with hordes of men

      Traditional customs dramatically destroys womens ferallity & feral nature

      • Maybe you don’t understand what bi polar disorder really is! I mean real BP not the media idea of BP . It’s quite rare, under diagnosed and not that dissimilar to Schizophrenia. I may agree with a lot of what is said in the text Re feral women and Dom men but certain mental illnesses are genetic faults. My father was clinical BP.

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