Resuming All Posts & Counting Up To The Relaunch of This Site

I’m back & resuming all posts on this site, until the relaunch to a brand new site

I ran a test site with the new design of the new blog, basically a stress test, & the results show over a 1,000 hits a day, basically around 5,000 hits in a week, which is pretty amazing for a test site …

For my hol’s I pretty much spent a huge amount of time coming up with theories for the new blog, my holidays are usually spent researching & coming up with new theories & new idea’s … lazing around in the sun isnt really my cup of tea … lol

I’m a firm believer in using all that vitamin D from the sun, to boost the old braincells & give your brain a good workout, all that sun & sand works wonders on your ability to think & calculate stuff …

For all you guys wondering what I’ve got planned …

I’ll be covering the massive marriage strike taking place in most countries, as well some amazing posts on my latest research on sociobiology, biochemistry & their effects on men & women

Want to know how to create amazing relationships, not just with women, but also the people close to you … stay tuned …

I’ve literally got over a 100 article’s planned for this site, you guys are gonna love the new research, new authors & sites for you to discover, over the next few months, enjoy!!!


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