Welcome All New Readers, All Comment Moderation Is Off, Feel Free To Speak Your Mind, I’m On Extended Vacation Atm, Site Relaunched In March

Creating a site which speaks out objectively against women isnt easy, women just like anyone need to be held to high standards of behaviour & conduct, which is why sites like this are so important

This site was always meant to be a small corner of the net where, men & women can critique & objectively truly understand the real dangers of women & the danger they pose, when women arent mothers or wives disciplined by strong men, to keep the irrational behavior & emotional hysteria of women in line

Women who dont remain virgins, & arent mothers are a real danger to society, that is a very real fact

A single mother is nothing more then a prostitute, a perpetual disgusting child abuser, who puts her infants in real danger by whoring around with hordes of men & living off welfare

A single mother is a disgusting deadbeat

THAT is the real problem today, women unable to have children because of feminist poison, & unable to hold onto a man, as theyre useless as wives & have no feminity or submission to a man, to actually have kids in the first place

Being a prostitute is all women know today, as they dont know how to be submissive to a man, as a result they dont have the discipline of a strong man, to prevent them from becoming filthy diseased whores & prostitutes

THAT is the curse of modernism on women

THAT is the curse of modern women

Reject filthy diseased whores & prostitutes, called the modern woman, there is nothing modern about a diseased whore or prostitute

Which is why we should reject modern women, these so called modern whores, who destroy their children by rotting away in daycare centres, threatens to destroy society & throw it back to a primitive era of feral women & feral whores

Men do you really want to go back to dying in coal mines for some slut, who cant keep her legs shut, a diseased whore?

Thats what men’ve been doing for centuries, reveal women for what they really are, & you save the lives of millions of men

THATS what this is really about

Women want men to die … whether its in coal mines or rotting away in a cubicle, women dont care about men, all they want is a walking ATM & sperm donor, this is the reality of modern man

This is the horror men are faced with, the dehumanisation & sheer hatred women have for men

This is what the fight against feminism looks

This is what Rejecting Modern Women is all about, enjoy your stay readers

You guys are going to love the new site launch in March, it’s been in the works for over two months

Lets save mens lives & get the truth of how dangerous an unmarried feral woman, with no male to discipline her, really is to society

Feral unmarried women are a disease, a cancer, undisciplined, with no submissiveness to men to keep their diseased vagina’s in line

Spread the word & save mens lives, reject bullshit corporate sponsored modernism, Reject Modern Women

Modern Women A construct designed to enslave men to government & steal the goddamn shirts of every mans backs …

Reject Brainwashed Destroyed By Feminism Turned into Modern Day Toxic Sluts & Whores, fuck that shit, fuck modern women back to hell where the bitches belong

Reject Modern Women – Brand new site relaunch in March, in the meanwhile enjoy your stay, theres over 150 articles on this site for you to enjoy, browse the articles, join the discussions

Lets spread the truth about what men REALLY have to face in todays fucked up society


6 thoughts on “Welcome All New Readers, All Comment Moderation Is Off, Feel Free To Speak Your Mind, I’m On Extended Vacation Atm, Site Relaunched In March

    • Thnx E.K,

      I’m not sure, what I really want to do is get some writers & get them a regular income from blogging

      I think a large site with a large number of writers is alot easier to monetise then a regular blog

      Basically I want bloggers to earn an income from their blogs

      The best way to easily make cash for a blogger would be to write an article once a week, to a large blog & then use the cash pooled from that blog to pay each blogger

      This way writers & bloggers can run their own blogs, but they also get paid

      A blog where everyone shares in the profits, is probably the best way to help bloggers & writers earn serious cash from their blogs

        • Yea, it’s pretty easy to make money blogging if you have a group of writers, just need to set it up

          I’m testing out some new providers, & I have the new design up & running, once I have the back-end up & running as well as the payment system in place, for readers to donate or setup subscriptions

          I really dont understand why Roosh or TheSpearhead, dont setup a payment system for their writers

          Most people will pay for serious bucks, for the high quality writing most bloggers write on a daily basis

          Just need to pool the bloggers together & give them exposure & everyone can make an income from their blogs

  1. Women are encouraged to level with the man and compete. Submission is considered a failure. Women are expected to remind the man that they don’t need him. They are an independent Woah-man. . I no do yo dishes boiii I feel that men are emasculated now therefore cannot function as a man in the marriage.
    Children of single mothers have no male role models. Sons are wild and be become deserters. Girls become directionless sluts who will base all men on pop stars

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