Do Women Perform Any Real Useful Logical Function In Society?

A woman deciding to vote is an aberration

A lot like a woman wanting to sleep around with hordes of men & painting their toenails or making sandwiches

Women arent meant to perform a logical function in society

Women perform an irrational function in society

This is the problem with you guys & society in general, you’re trying to assign masculine values & masculine logic to women

Women are a leisure class, everything about them is related to leisure, which is WHY they value cash over their own children, aborting them in the millions & calling it a right

Women value privilege over civil liberties

It doesnt work

Women perform no logical function to society

Women are a leisure class, they perform absolutely no value to society, other then sexual property

Making their function irrational & unnecessary to society outside of a womb to a family

Women are a leisure class, by choice not biology

Women have to stop choosing to be irrational & start performing as a vital function to society & hold themselves responsible for their own actions


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