An Example Of How Women Create Laws To Destroy Marriage …

Choice quotes from Dalrock

“No one is taking her finger off the nuclear button. In fact, a husband convincing (or telling) an emotionally unstable wife that she is unstable is widely seen as a form of abuse”.

Crazy (ie abusive behaviour) is sold to women as a form of empowerment.

Cartoons regularly show young girls using emotional outbursts as a form of power, and the message to adult women is the same.  Feminism in many ways is the celebration of the power of emotional outbursts to change the world.

(Shouts of you grrl & empowerment are all forms of emotional outbursts)-rmax

This message that crazy gets you power (and that more power is what women need) isn’t limited to secular feminists.  Modern Christians have embraced this idea to an astonishing extent.

 Are you feeling dissatisfied with your marriage/husband?  Why not take a trip down crazy lane?  It is sure to solve your problem.  

If you don’t already know how to put crazy to work in your own life, try an emotional temper tantrum involving loading the kids in the car and threatening to break up the family if you don’t get your way.  

Or if that isn’t your preferred brand of crazy, try lining up expensive china on the mantle and breaking it with a hammer.”


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