Basic Biology Question Time: Is It Possible To Be A Healthy Promiscous Woman? Part 2

Women arent optimised to be polygamous, which is the whole point

Women can stuff their faces with cake, or their vagina’s with cock, but their not optimised or biologically able to handle polygamous relationships

Also a womans definition of a healthy relationship or a healthy woman today, is far from what a healthy woman really looks like

A promiscous woman is damaged, her biochemistry is permanently damaged from sleeping around, & her psychology & mental well being disturbed

A womans ability to bond with her husband is highly damaged & her ability to bond with her children deranged, hence the leading rise of abortion etc.

Also women with higher partner counts then 10 have 10x times the risk of turning to drugs, alchohol & huge amounts of depression

Women rely on oxcytocin & their biochemistry to maintain their mental health, putting their mental & physical health at risk for something their body is not designed to biologically handle, is crazy & puts millions of women at risk

Also a womans vagina is a highly sensitive environment, stuffing it full of cocks permanently destroys a vagina’s sterile environment, leading to dead children through still birth & massive amounts of autism & dyslexia

Also sleeping around with hundreds of men, greatly reduces a womans ability to find an alpha

As women dont rely on their looks to find a man

They rely on their biochemistry & pheromones, to get a man to bond with her

A womans looks are the attractant, a womans pheromones gets a man to bond with her

Sleeping around with hordes, greatly reduces a womans pheromones to bond with a man

This is essentially what happens when you define pleasure & orgasm as a right

It devalues & demeans the concept of motherhood, by associating it with hedonism & decadence

How can you bond with your children, & present yourself as a moral upright woman, if you spend your life chasing cocks & permanently destroying your biology & mental health, something women are clearly designed not to do

When women have 4x the risk of catching stds & EIGHT TIMES the risk of aids

How can you state stuffing a vagina full of cocks & infecting millions of women with std’s & aids is beneficial to women in any shape or form?

This is essentially what happens to 1st World Countries

They have no sense of realism, or an innate sense of the importance of humanity

They spend so much time dehumanising themselves through ridiculously large sums of consumerism, they end up humanising wealth, instead of their own biology

Getting high on the ecstacy of privilege & screwing over men

They turn biological need & biological absolutes into fantasies to humanise their wealth & prepackaged to validate the inanimacy of objects sitting on a store shelf

Promiscousness turns the biology of a woman into a fantasy, it turns the realism & dangers of destroying a womans biology into a fairy tale

It packages the realism & absolute necessity of being a mother & a good wife, into a fantasy

Women are destroyed today, precisely because they have no realism

So they don’t have to question how dehumanised & inhumane their religions are, or how dehumanised & immoral their sense of spirituality really are

As a result it impacts a sense of the realism of their own humanity

The loss of a womans virginity leads to a mass hallucination of women fantasising about polygamy

Instead of virginity leading into motherhood, it leads into degradation & self mass destruction

Hence the cause of no sense of self-realism, no awareness of maternity, a numbing of a persons life & dehumanisation of the real damage a woman inflicting on herself,

Trying to rationalise why her loss of virginity didnt lead her into motherhood, destroying a lifetime of what she could have become, instead of what she is, an aberration


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