Biology Fact : Sluts & Whores EIGHT TIMES MORE Likely To Catch AIDS Then Men

I’m spamming this on most feminist blogs, feel free to copy & paste this on any feminist blog you see

I got research & fun facts to piss off most feminists, enjoy your tears …

Are STDs Worse for Women? hell yes …

“because female genitals are more susceptible to infection and bacteria.

“A slutty whores” internal anatomy “ie her vagina” creates a virtual breeding ground for infection, as bacteria can become lodged more deeply in the body and breed more easily in that moist environment”

– a womans vagina is pretty sick sick ….

“Statistics from an alarming new study reveal that women are EIGHT TIMES more likely to contract (HIV) from their male partners than the other way around. ” – I mentioned a womans vagina is sick sick …

So hows the slutty EIGHT TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET AIDS working out for you feminist whores?

“for every one act of unprotected sex, a woman’s chance of contracting one of the most common STDs — gonorrhea — can be as high as 90 percent, while a man’s is “only” 20 percent to 30 percent. ”

– nothing like the 90 percent chance of contracting gonorrhea, if you’re a slutty lunatic feminist …

So what are you feminists & sick mangina’s, doing when you’re not killing off hordes of women with AIDS & STD’s ?

Oh thats right, you’re killing off unborn infants & calling it a womans right to murder her own child …

Rename yourself to murderous filth, cos theres no such thing as a feminist, never has been, never will be

Not as long as men do the most amount of dying in our society …


One thought on “Biology Fact : Sluts & Whores EIGHT TIMES MORE Likely To Catch AIDS Then Men

  1. This is already a well known fact although one doesn’t catch AIDS one becomes infected with HIV. Be mindful, dear friend, you are coming across as a fanatic. How on earth can you possibly educate the women in this way? You are a most curious being..

    I am older than you, I have been having an open relationship with my wife since 1975. We have both had many lovers and we are both bisexual. Why be satisfied with only half the adult population. I currently have 3 lovers 2 female and one male. My wife has a long term girlfriend. We are well known in London for our very successful sex parties and have been featured on a Channel 4 documentary. We also organise large dogging events and all of our activities are legal. We are respectable people, UK taxpayers and completely law abiding and respectful. My wife is the happiest woman I have ever met. She is stable, loving and kind. She makes me feel whole. Our total honesty and sexual versatility has made our bond rock solid. Just thought I would share this with you. Regards, Scorpio.

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