What Comes First, Leadership or Submission, Are Men Responsible For Leading Women? It’s A Two Way Street Ladies …

Actually its the woman submissive first, as submission triggers a male’s alpha biological triggers

A womans job is to trigger a mans alpha male triggers through being feminine & submissive

This is also why most men become emasculated, as the woman isnt triggering the mans alpha bological traits.

It’s biologically correct a woman has to be submissive first

Submission & leadership are specifically hard-wired biologically

Submission has to come first otherwise the man gradually becomes emasculated if the woman doesnt trigger a mans biological alpha traits

It’s a feedback loop, with submission coming first as it triggers a man to become alpha through her feminity & submission

We also see the same thing happening in the real world

Women who dont trigger a mans biological alpha cause men to become thugs & criminals, in order to over-ride the womans lack of submission, so she can trigger their alpha male traits

Men become alpha males & thugs, in order for women to trigger thier alpha biological triggers

This is why men seem to conform to a woman, but are in fact trying to get her to trigger their hard-wired alpha male traits

In nature all forms of dominance are always reliant on the triggers of submission

If there is no submission there is no biological trigger for dominance

All biological trait is always fixed & hard-wired, in other words there is only one way for biology to work

There is no chicken or egg

It’s impossible to lead a woman if she doesnt trigger a mans alpha traits …


4 thoughts on “What Comes First, Leadership or Submission, Are Men Responsible For Leading Women? It’s A Two Way Street Ladies …

  1. Great thoughts rmax, and interesting link antipas 🙂

    I’ve written at Unmasking Feminism some thoughts that I think line up if you’re interested to have a read:

    Hey I’ve spent some time away and have figured that I’ll continue to read but not comment here because of a few reasons…

    I respect your truths and discernment about the nature of things, and like to observe how what I’ve seen to be true correlates. I will continue to agree with you where our paths cross 🙂 But being here is like hanging out at your house, and given that your blog is PUA, I guess that could send a weird message and that should be avoided no?
    It’s difficult for my ideas to be considered by other women anyway, let alone if they can discredit me because of my interactions with ‘players’!.

    If I tell you it’s not you it’s me, will you believe me and see it as the joke I intend it to be?! I hope so with no hard feelings – I truly respect the gems I’ve come across here 🙂

    Antipas I trust you will continue to train rmax up in the Jewish ways of the Lord!

    Blessings in Yeshua,


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