Women Crave Lower Status, A Key Eye Opener to Understanding Women & What REALLY Turns On A Woman

Women crave lower status, women crave subordination to men

Sex is a compulsion for men, craving lower status is the equivelant of sex for women

Craving lower status feels exactly like sex, to a woman

Women leave their jobs & careers, not to have kids or raise families, it’s a womans sexual craving for lower status

Women lust lower status & subordination to men

There is no woman happier, then if she percieves her man to be higher status then her

This is why what really works on women, is convincing women theyre extremely low status

If you can convince a woman repeatedly, she’s low status in society, she’ll start to fall for you, fall in love with you, & then eventually want to mate

The lower a woman perceives her status in society, the greater her bond with the man, also the greater bond with the child

Most men dont demonstrate extreme high levels of status, this is why most women arent attracted to them

Demonstrate extreme levels of high status & you’ll be able to bag most women

If you want to make an impression on a woman, have extreme high levels of aloofness & project extremely high levels of status

This is also why most traditional women wear head-coverings

It literally turns a woman on sexually if she wears a headcovering, & made to feel subordinate to men in society

It keeps her in a constant of being hot & bothered & turned on, if she wears a head-dress & made to feel subordinate to men

If you want to make your girlfriend feel more feminine, make her wear a head-dress

You can literally reverse a bitchy woman, or masculine woman, if you force her to wear a head-dress

As it naturally make’s her feel submissive, turning her more feminine over time

This is also why traditional societies cover the head’s of women & the importance of ostracising women from special occasions, & ostracising them from speaking in churches, as it forces them to acknowledge their need for menialism, their lower status in society…

Again this is to satisfy the biological need women have for a lower status in society, its a biological compulsion, in the same way sex is for men, in fact lower status is the counterpart to sex in women

Women crave lower status

Head coverings lower a womans status in society, this allows women to be attracted to beta’s, as women fall in love with the status gap between her & a beta, not the actual man himself, as women exist in a social network

Head coverings lower a womans status, lower then a beta’s, allowing them to be attracted to beta’s, so they dont have to take on promiscuity & sleep around in order to attract alpha’s

Women crave being made subordinate to men, & women crave men project higher status then them

The key eye openers to understanding women


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