Culture Has No Effect On Biology, Or Attraction, Culture Simply Affects Our Rationalisation Of Biology


What is rationalisation, what is logic?

Rationale & logic, are the algorithmic results of the alphabet

So why do we have religion or culture, if we have rational?

The alphabet has severe limitations, as it can only generate algorithms upto 27 to the power of 27

Essentially we can create thoughts upto the point of 27 to the power of 27

To over-come the 27 to the power of 27 of the alphabet

We create culture & religion, & insert ideologies which allow us to extend the algorithm capabilities of the alphabet, by adding external realities

Called culture & religion …

We create thoughts, to extend the capabilities of the alphabet …

So what is religion?

Religion is a form centuries of logic, handed down over the generations

By its very nature religion can only be taught by word of mouth, as it’s hundreds of generations speaking to us, a form of primitive time travel

We have primitive forms of time travel around us all the time, for example we transpose 3d space into 2d space, to allow it to escape the curvature of space, allowing it to travel through time, escaping any obstacles in 3d space, the 2d space also allows it to escape the passage of time in 3d space

Which is precisely why a 2d image never ages, apart from the medium its tranposed onto

As it’s escaped the curvature of space, allowing it primitive time travelling capabilities

Culture is a rationalisation of biology, its a psychological interpretation of biology, as rationalised on a mass scale

Biology always supercedes psychology

By stating society effects biology, you’re stating psychology effects biology, which is ludicrous, as psychology is an inherent function of biology

Culture rationalises biology, it doesnt effect biology

Unless you have powers of telekinesis & have the ability to restructure your nervous system & ingrained brain mental pathways physically

Culture is a function of biology


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