Menialism – Cook Clean Wash Biological Strategic Warfare For Wives & Girls, To Arms Ladies!!!

Menialism – probably the most important issue for marriage Valerie-van-der-Graaf-0811-02

Menialism is probably the most advanced technique women have to develop a long term strategy, to find a man who will have them.

Cooking, cleaning, washing are key components to girl game

Cooking, cleaning, washing optimises a womans biochemistry of submission & allows her critical social cue’s to allow her to be attracted to the right men

Women generate social cue’s via cooking washing cleaning, necessary to attract beta’s

Beta’s look for long term commitment

Alpha’s look for short term commitment, as they avoid behaving from a point of scarcity

If women arent confident in their ability to care for a man, beta’s detect the lack of social cue’s a normal woman would give off

If women dont cook clean wash, they wont generate the necessary social cue’s necessary to attract a man looking for a long term commitment

Forcing the woman to hunt for alpha’s …

Menialism teaches a woman how to be attracted to beta’s, & it teaches them the right kind of man to be attracted to

It’s alot easier to tap into the existing hardwired biological patterns in men or women, for attraction, then it is to manipulate

Which is what menialism does …

Your biology has done all the hard-work for you …

Menialism is a biological construct in the same way men game themselves by building & repairing & fixing cars

Teaching themselves how to dominate, lead & compete expertly, masculine …

Women wash, iron, clean to teach themselves how to be submissive, if no one is there to make them submissive

Hardwired into women,  to teach them how to be submissive

The attack on women cooking washing & cleaning attacks a womans basic biology

Increasing feral primitivism is the cause of a crucial biological technique, women use to teach them how to be attracted to beta’s, as women no longer have access to a biological strategy to keep them attracted to beta’s

They resort to alpha’s & high toestestosterone males out of desperation

Again this desperation leads to them being cut off from 90% of the population

Slut & being a whore are all forms of sexual dysfunction, from not knowing how to attract 90% of men

Leading to higher desperate attempts at being a slut & a whore, until they hit the wall

Women are gatekeepers of attraction not sex


4 thoughts on “Menialism – Cook Clean Wash Biological Strategic Warfare For Wives & Girls, To Arms Ladies!!!

  1. Dude… This is a really insightful and true. Three times a year Jewish males are to present themselves before the L_RD.
    That leaves the women to taking care of the household.
    Btw, a test of real Christianity of a woman if she is / will wear a “symbol of authority” on head per 1 Cor 11

    • Great comment mike, btw whats antipas, i’m loving all these jewish terms i’ve never heard of before

      Excellent point on headcovering, & the importance of ostracising women from special occasions, forcing them to acknowledge their need for menialism, their lower status in society…

      Again this is to satisfy the biological need women have for a lower status in society, its a biological compulsion, in the same way sex is for men, in fact lower status is the counterpart to sex in women

      Women crave lower status

      Head coverings lower a womans status in society, this allows women to be attracted to beta’s, as women fall in love with the status gap

      Head coverings lower a womans status, lower then a beta, allowing them to be attracted to beta’s, so they dont have to take on promiscuity & sleep around in order to attract alpha’s

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  3. The whole evangelical church has really screwed up on Yahshua & Pauls writing. I suggest reading Numbers 5 (Water of Bitterness) in context of John 8:-11 and the whole thing snaps into focus.

    Interestingly enough the greatest opportunity in the Kingdom for women !!! Yeshua “said the greatest among you shall be the servant of all” … This is seen and supported in other scriptures as well (Men are called to sacrifice and women are called to obedience). The scripture says in 1 Samuel 15:22 that “obedience is better than sacrifice”. There are more examples to support this.

    By not teaching Judaism (NT) in light of the OT Judaism/Torah the whole thing is thrown off kilter to overall & self destruction.

    ~Shalom in the Home !

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