The Real Unkown Origins of The Virgin Mary – Excerpts From My New Upcoming 3rd Blog Incredible Worlds

Part of my research on sun cults & the true hidden origins of christianity …

Fascinating stuff

The virgin mary in fact refers to ovulation, or menstruation, not a virgin birth

Btw 13-14 year old girls’ve been giving birth for centuries, not one of them wouldve called it wrong …

Its only an attempt at infantilising & extending childhood so people dont take advantage of the optimisation of the biology of a teenager

A child born to a teenage girl, at the height of her biochemistry is hundreds of times healthier then a child born to a woman in her twenties, her hormonal declining years …

That’s how short the window of fertility for women …

Anyway onwards …

In Jesus’ time it was possible for a woman to bear children without ever having menstruated.

A girl was counted marriageable when she was 12 years old and many girls were married at that age.

Many such young wives would not have reached puberty in those times when food was harder to come by and everyday life harder than today.

They could have been experiencing sex with their husbands without having yet ovulated.

At their first ovulation they could have conceived a child.

To be “born of a virgin” in this sense might have been not uncommon, but might have marked out sons as specially holy because they had been born of a woman who had never been defiled by menstruation.

“This, at first sight, would appear to bring the idea of a virgin birth within the range of Jewish prophecy, but the quotation is based on a mistranslation. In the original Hebrew, the passage refers not to a “virgin” in any sense of the word but to a “young woman”.

The word “virgin” crept in by error in the Greek translation, the Septuagint. The existence of this error is accepted today by all scholars, including the Roman Catholic ones who prepared the Jerusalem Bible. “Virgin” is no longer used in Isaiah”


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